Balancing Water Bodies

Under present investigation Hydroxyl overcritical and Typed Latino young cattails, eave been tested for removal of Iron, Copper, Nickel and Lead from metal solution. These plant have performed extremely well in removing the Be, Cue and In from their solution and were capable of removing Fee, Cue and In in large amounts in Hydroxyl overcritical than Typed Latino during 10 days analysis by AS. The effectiveness of using both plants for phototypesetting of increased level of BP contamination in soil, were harvested and separated into shoot, rhizome and root for analysis analysis of BP concentration in these tissues using AS.Results shows that Hydroxyl overcritical can remove BP from environment in larger quantities at 1000 MGM BP/keg concentration whereas in Typed Latino largest accumulation of BP occurred at 4000 MGM BP/keg soil contamination level with shoots accumulating a combined average of 4744.

MGM BP/keg. These results show that three cattails can remove BP from environment in larger amount. Further research should consider increasing quantity cattails to optimize BP removal from the soil. Introduction:- However, excessive accumulation of these heavy metal can be toxic most plants.The ability to both tolerate elevated level of heavy metal and accumulate them very high concentration has veneered both independently and together in number of different plant species AY-3. Transportation of a water body signifies the aging off lake -It is caused by the accumulation of nutrients , sediments, slit and organic matter in the lake from the surrounding watershed. Macroscopic vegetation plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem of a lake.

Various type of macrophages emergent , free floating , submerged are generally observed in an aquatic ecosystem .Free floating macrophages leaves and roots are not attached in sediments. Aquatic plant have tremendous capacity of absorbing nutrients and other substance from the water and hence brings down the pollution load. The purpose of the study is to utilize these macrophages as bio-filters and to observe efficiency of various macrophages Materials and Method The submerged macrophage Hydroxyl overcritical Caps. , were collected from nearby natural ponds in Oklahoma district. Plant were acclimatized for 5 days in fresh water holding tank.After acclimatization , both plants were distorted the desired concentrations(OMG/L) of Iron, copper and Nickel for a detention mime of 10 days .

Triplicate batch tests were conducted in plastic tube of 2. 5- let. Capacity Desired heavy metal concentration was added in each tube from prepared stock solution . 15 plants of Hydroxyl were kept in each tub ,and marked the water level. All tubs were exposed enough light for detention time of 10 days . Every day aged tap water added to maintain the same level in each tub. The aquatic plants was exposed separately to the individual metal on solution of and Nickel (Nice.

OH)ATM/L concentration.The water sample were taken to analysis or decreased in concentration at ours intervals for 10 days using by an Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer Shimmied Model. AY-8 Waste Water to form uvular’ rare Result and discussion . Studies on absorption of Iron ,Copper and nickel from contaminated water by Hydroxyl -Were conducted for a period of days at MGM IL concentration . The average daily removal of heavy metal by the aquatic plant is present in table 1 *And percentage removal of heavy metal at every 24 hrs. Internal is presented in tablet . Daily removal percentage of desired heavy metal by Hydroxyl overcritical Caps.

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