5 May 2017

I chose the book Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Beautiful creatures is about a 15- year old girl who has magical powers and will either turn dark or light on her sixteenth birthday. The main character is Lena Duchannes, a caster. Ethan Wate, Lena’s boyfriend tries to turn Lena light. The setting takes place in a small southern town of Gatlin South Carolina. The overall tone or mood of the story is romantic and mysterious. The point of view from which the story is told is first person and Ethan is telling the story.

The theme of the story is not to let others pick your fate but for you to make the choice. The conflict of the story is Ethan and Lena trying to find a way to turn Lena light so they can stay together. Ethan Wate has brown hair, blue eyes, and is over six foot four.

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He has lived in Gatlin his whole life but wants to move away and travel the world. Ethan is also the star player on the Jackson high basketball team. An unusual quality about him is that he has some sort of power even though he is still a mortal. He is the only one who an protect Lena from Sarafine, a dark caster who tries to kill Lena.

Something else about Ethan is that he had dreams about Lena before they even meet. In them Lena is always dying but in a very unusual way. She could drown and he would Jump in to save her, he would wake up wet. Or Lena could be burning in a building and Ethan would wake up with burn marks on his clothes and covered in ashes. In his dreams he sees this girl he doesn’t know. All he knows is that she has black hair and dark green eyes like gems. He thinks he is going crazy, but then the girl in the dreams comes to town.

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