Balthazar Essay Research Paper Balthazars Marvelous Afternoon

9 September 2017

Balthazar? ? s Fantastic Afternoon Essay, Research Paper

Balthazar? ? s Fantastic Afternoon

( Why didn? ? T Balthazar receive the money? )

? ? Balthazar? ? s Fantastic

Afternoon? ? , written by Gabrial Garcia Marquez, is a

narrative about a birdcage and a hapless carpenter,

Balthazar. In the narrative, Balthazar made a beautiful

birdcage that was commissioned by Pepe, the boy of a

rich adult male, Jose Montiel. However, when the carpenter

took it to the male child, his male parent refused to pay and

instead said to sell it other people. Although

Balthazar got truly angry, he gave the coop to Pepe

as a present. At the terminal of the narrative, he told

townpeople that he got much money from the rich adult male

and bought everyone cerebratory drinks. Then, why

didn? ? T Balthazar receive the money.

First, he had no purpose of

money when doing beautiful coop. In the narrative, he was

accustomed to doing and making coop since

childhood. So when Pepe ordered a coop, he could do

little coop merely rapidly instead than make large and

beautiful coop for two hebdomads ; ( p 381, ll 45~50 ) .

Besides, if he was interested in gaining the money, he

would non even get down to work on the coop merely by

committee of the small male child because he couldn? ? T be

certainly whether he can acquire money or non. However,

Balthazar was a creative person instead than a common carpenter.

What he truly wanted as doing the coop was to do

the small male child happier.

Second, he felt mean and

dirty about rich adult male? ? s money. In this narrative, the coop

was glorious and beautiful every bit much as intelligence O

f its

beauty had spreaded even before he finished the coop.

So even though a physician insisted on purchasing that coop,

he didn? ? T sell it because he made merely for Pepe. But

Pepe? ? s father treated Balthazar like a sly merchandiser

but praised its beauty ; ( p 384, ll 45~50 ) . So,

Balthazar thought that if he received money for the

coop, it was to interchange his originative beautiful coop,

in other word his pride, with dirty and average money.

Finally, in the narrative,

Balthazar was non a realist. Although money is non all

in the life, it is really hard to populate in our existent

society without money. However the chief character

didn? ? T attention about money. Probably, it is because he

had no complete household. Even though he had a married woman, he

was populating with her without get marrieding and holding babe.

That is, he felt less responsible to gain money than

common married adult male. Normally, our parents want to gain

the money every bit much as possible merely for their kids

and household, non for themselves. Throughout their long

lives and their existent socity, they have learned that

money is necessary to last and that is the world

that they can? ? T avoid. However, here Balthazar felt

non so much responsible and maintaining his pride and

doing graphics was more of import.

In decision, at the terminal of

the narrative, why Balthazar didn? ? t receive money was

because he wanted to give him merely gift and he didn? ? T

privation to sell his pride to soil money. Furthermore, in

this narrative, because he didn? ? T feel responsible for

doing money, he didn? ? t receive money.

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