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8 August 2017

Band Of Angels Essay, Research Paper

Band Of Angels Essay Research Paper Band Essay Example

Band of Angels

As the rubric of this fresh races through my head I image a beautiful immature miss populating a peaceable life. As the narrative line unfolds the reader is trapped in a universe of incredulity and choler. The chief character, Amantha Starr, shows the reader that life is non ever what it seems to be.

On a plantation near Danville, Kentucky, Amantha grew up cognizing merely the love of her male parent, Aaron Pendleton Starr. Turning up as a motherless kid many would believe that she was lost to the universe, but her male parent and Aunt Sukie made certain that she ever had whatever her bosom desired.

Amantha, besides called Manty, remembered a scene from her childhood where her male parent sold a slave. The slave was a beloved friend to Manty, and it was hard for the miss to understand why the slave was sold. Her male parent doesn T like to speak about it and so the kid grows up non cognizing why.

In August of 1852 Amantha s father decides it was clip for her to travel to school. On the trip they stopped in Cincinnati where Manty run into Miss Idell, her male parent s crack at the clip. Miss Idell took Manty shopping for new school apparels and such. Manty enjoyed every minute with the lovely adult female. Subsequently that hebdomad Manty is sent to Oberlin, Ohio where she is to go to school. She stayed with an n older lady called Mrs. Turpin. On the first twenty-four hours of categories Mrs. Turpin, being the godly adult female that she was, cut the beautiful frills from Manty frock stating that to be beautiful was to be vain. Over the class of several old ages Manty excessively came to believe this. On a trip place Manty tried to convice her male parent to liberate the slave at Starrwood, the household plantation. He would non make so, stating that even if he did they would hold no where to travel and he would still hold to feed them. Manty experiencing injury returned to school. Some hebdomads subsequently a missive came stating that Amantha s male parent had died. She rushed to her male parent s graveside. At Amantha s weakest clip her universe falls to the land.

A adult male comes to her male parent s graveside inquiring many inquiries about her and her household. Knowing nil of her female parent the Manty turns to a household friend to assist her. The adult male told her that her female parent had been a slave to Aaron Starr. During childbearing the adult female died go forthing the babe behind. Aaron took the kid and raised it cognizing that the kid was of his blood. Never thought of the miss as a slave Aaron rise her in his place. The adult male stopped speaking as the alien asked for Amantha s documents. Not cognizing what to

make she inquire Aunt Sukie if there were any documents. At the clip of his decease Amantha s male parent had ne’er given her the proper documents of freedom. At Amantha s clip of hurting for her male parent s decease she was taken unknowly into the barbarous universe of bondage.

The alien took Amantha to a adult male that was traveling to transport her to New Orleans to be sold. Manty was sold to a adult male named Hamish Bond, a affluent landholder. Knowing nil of her past the adult male took her to his place where she lived many old ages. Amantha was ne’er forced into working the evidences because she was far excessively reasonably. Alternatively Amantha lived a peaceable life inside the house where nil was asked of her. She became good friends with many of the other slaves and shortly became a friend to Hamish Bond himself. Over the class of many old ages they became lovers of a kind. Manty ne’er quiet understood this adult male. Did he love her or was he merely utilizing her? That inquiry was answered when Manty throws a fit about him selling her because she could non stand his kindness any longer. Hamish attempts to direct her off but in the terminal he moves her to another plantation of his. Amantha and Hamish live at that place for several old ages. During that clip the war breaks out. As the soldiers draw closer to them Hamish sets Amantha free.

With her new found freedom Manty lives in a little flat type place in town. There she meets Seth, an old friend from school, who has joined the ground forces. She besides meets Captain Tobias Sears who is besides a friend of Seth s. After many long months of wooing Amantha and Tobias get married. They live a happy and peaceable life together for many old ages. Tobias was still in the ground forces and still had to go forth her quiet frequently for concern trips. Over the old ages Manty and Tobias fell apart from each other. Not cognizing what had gone incorrectly.

Amantha being who she was fall ining the black side of the war. Not wishing what she saw she shortly returned place. I guess she merely wanted to cognize what it felt like to be in that sort of state of affairs. Upon her return she learned that Tobias was sick and rushed to be by his side. For many old ages to come Amantha and Tobias fight to maintain their lives together, but in the terminal they find each other and travel on with their lives.

Amantha had a large alteration in her life. She did non allow her difficult times cover the good times that she remembered. Having eventually found herself though the aid of her one true love, Tobias, Amantha lived out the remainder of her life knowing that even though one might hold difficult times come their manner ; the goods times will ever demo through.

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