Bandon Group

10 October 2016

Bandon should first pursue an ERP solution as CRM solutions can be easily integrated within an ERP environment (Trak. In, 2010). Key findings in Bandon Group’s IT infrastructure indicates redundancy and difficulty in supporting external clients and internal operations because of the depravation of integration between the company’s systems and databases through the different departments of Bandon Group, Inc. Because of the differences of systems and information throughout each department in Bandon Group, Inc. it was difficult for the company to not only provide accurate information regarding customer billing and information to its own customers, but they could not keep accurate information such as revenue and expenses if each company had different information posted in the system, considering each department was under the same company. To alleviate redundancy and provide better support to customers in order to maintain a competitive advantage, integrating an ERP system would help Bandon provide web-accessed application for customers that’s up to date.

In addition, when customers inquire on information regarding their account or billing, they can quickly receive accurate information in a timely matter over the web or over the telephone or in person at Bandon. The feasibility of ERP systems is very promising for Bandon Group as it will greatly help the company surpass its goals of remaining competitive through its re-engineering of their integration processes. Through the use of electronic methods including electronic invoicing, web access, database implementation, and e-business services, the likelihood of ERP implementation is very possible with Bandon (Sumner, 2005).

When it comes to acquiring ERP and CRM solutions, the company should pursue ERP first as its the foundation for integrating the company’s systems into one integrated system and from there, the company can implement CRM into their IT infrastructure consisting of ERP applications if they decide on acquiring CRM. Once the company has fully acquired the integration of ERP systems, then Bandon can acquire CRM solutions to the company as Bandon should also pursue a CRM solution for their ERP systems.

The use of a CRM solution would be beneficial for Bandon as the CRM software can be used for promoting products to their customers, maintaining customer information in a database based on customer purchasing forecasts, and the use of “e-selling” for customers. The promotion of products to customers is a great tool through CRM as the CRM software forecasts customer’s needs and buying habits and therefore would send information on products to their customers that may catch their interest based on forecasts.

The use of “e-selling” through Bandon Group would also be beneficial to the company as allows their customers to not only purchase products/services online through Bandon, but allows them to customize the product to meet each customer’s need and preference (Sumner, 2005). Determine ERP design issues: There are various types of ERP and CRM packages that could be acquired by Bandon Group, Inc. , such as Microsoft Great Plains, J. D. Edwards, SAP, and many others. Based on Bandon’s goals and IT needs, the ERP/CRM package that would best meet the company’s needs is the SAP package approach.

SAP packages can range from HR, Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, Production support, and much more areas from an enterprise setting (SAP, n. d. ). From the ERP standpoint on SAP packages, the company could use the integrated software to not only integrate all the databases into one database, but to close the gap on the lack of communication and information sharing within each department. The SAP/ERP package can contain software for Human resources including accounting/payroll software or IT software such as ticketing systems where customers can place service calls to have tech support correct a technical issue remotely or physically.

In addition to integration of the company’s information, providing e-business related services such as the use of online bill pay/inquires, using electronic media to contact existing customers, and election web-based information services for customers will help Bandon improve business operations and its customer support if the company uses SAP for its ERP package (SAP, n. d. ). In reference to SAP under a CRM package for Bandon Group, the CRM package that could be used to meet the company’s needs is the “SAP 360 Customer” package.

The SAP 360 Customer package is a CRM-based package that would enable Bandon Group to gain a competitive advantage by allowing them to engage with their customers anywhere at any given time; whether it’s online, in person, or even on a mobile device such as a phone, laptop, or tablet. Not only would the company be able to keep track of all its customers, but it gives them the opportunity to provide the ultimate customer service as they would immediately be available for the customers to answer any questions or inquiries on customer account issues.

The software would allow Bandon to make real-time predictions and forecasts on customer’s purchasing history and allow marketing of their products and services to the customer based on their history and use of various product/services. For example, a customer may have a long history of purchasing cyan ink/toner versus other colors for their printer supported by Bandon Group. The company can use the software to advertise and market cyan ink/toner at a certain price to the customer and gives the company a higher chance of obtaining a sale due to the software making a forecast based on customer data.

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