Bangarang by Skrillex

9 September 2019

Skrillex(Sonny John Moore) is an American electronic dance music producer who mostly produces Dubstep.

He has recently released an EP titled “Bangarang,” which is his fourth EP in counting, and has been recently nominated for 5 Grammy awards.

Most of the songs in this album resemble a very high vibe. I’ll be giving each a song a rating out of 10.

1. Right In – 8.6/10
It was sort of repetitive, but it was quite a moving track.

2. Bangarang ft. Sirah – 8.4/10
It still has a moving vibe, Sirah’s vocals seem to fit this track perfectly.

3. Breakn’ a Sweat ft. The Doors. – 9/10
This track is quite unique from whatever Skrillex has made.

4. The Devil’s Den ft Wolfgang Gartner – 9.6/10
The track mixes electro-house with dubstep greatly. It’s really amazing.

5. Right on Time ft. 12th Planet ; Kill the Noise – 7.6/10
This track didn’t really fit in it’s order, if it were placed in another spot it would have fit.

6. Kyoto ft. Sirah – 8.9/10
Sirah makes another appeareance, this time, rapping. The beat seems fit for Hip Hop, and brings back the high vibe.

7. Summit ft. Ellie Goulding – 9/10
This track ends the album nicely, with a chilled down vibe.

Overall, this album is very great. I suggest you listen to it and see if you like it.

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