Bangladesh Natural Disaster Profile

1 January 2017

Cyclones Droughts Earthquakes Floods Landslides Demographic Information: Population within 1km of coast 5,827,219 Population within 2 km of coast 10,331,836 Infant Mortality Rate 64. 32 Multi-Hazard Disaster Risk Hotspots (All Hazards combined and weighted by Mortality and Proportion of GDP Impacted) Mortality GDP

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Multi-Hazard Disaster Risk Hotspots by Hazard Groups (Top Three Deciles) Observations The hotspots maps indicate that cyclones and floods pose the greatest risk to Bangladesh on a country level. Sub nationally, the northern and eastern regions of the country are susceptible to earthquakes while the southeast is particularly vulnerable to all five hazards. Lastly, the combined multi-hazard maps for mortality and GDP show that Bangladesh ranks in the top 3 deciles of risk when compared to the rest of the world.

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