Bank of Montreal’s Balanced Scorecard Essay Sample

A squad of Filipino IT professionals is responsible for making Accenture’s ain societal networking tool that allows coaction among the company’s workers worldwide. Competently called Accenture People. it resembles popular societal networking sites. much like Facebook. and allows employees to make their ain profiles. But more than a listing of avocations and other personal involvements. these profiles provide a glance of each employee’s function in Accenture. including proficient expertness and the undertakings in which he or she was involved. For a planetary company with legion concerns like Accenture. the thought to merely do everyone familiar with each other’s background and so promote cognition sharing. In the Philippines entirely. Accenture has around 15000 workers making direction consulting. system integrating and BPO ( concern procedure outsourcing ) . In footings of size. the Philippines is behind merely to the United States and India in Accenture’s planetary web. “One of the challenges for us is coaction. ” said Michael Duff. undertaking director for Accenture Philippines. who leads a six-man squad that developed Accenture People.

“Different squads within Accenture have been utilizing tools before that allow people to portion knowledge on undertakings. This clip. we put everything into a individual system. ” added Duff. who has been with Accenture for more than eight old ages. The thought for a Web-based tool like Accenture People resulted from a leading development plan held in the United States. Since a local squad was responsible for some of Accenture’s presence on the Internet—including the chief Accenture web page and Accenture Careers—the undertaking of constructing a societal networking tool fell into Duff’s squad. Accenture People was launched merely last December but Duff estimates about one-third Accenture’s full planetary work force of about 175. 000 people have already created profiles.

That includes Accenture’s president and CEO Bill Green. Duff recalls an case when person working for Accenture in London got in touch with him and asked for his aid on a peculiar engineering both were utilizing. Like Friendster or MySpace. employees can make web logs and take part in treatment forums—usually best patterns and “tips and tricks” on undertakings like programming codification. harmonizing to Duff—to ask for aid on certain undertakings. For less proficient affairs. the hunt button entirely makes for a really utile tool for Annbel Tierro. who heads Accenture’s system integrating unit in the Philippines. “I get to make a batch of conference calls in a twenty-four hours. It helps to at least have an thought what the individual I am speaking to expressions like or what his or her involvements are. ” said Tierro. “We have talkers who on a regular basis come here so even before they arrive. at least I am already familiar with their functions and accomplishments in the company.

Beginning: Reprinted from Lawrence Casiraya. “Filipino squad builds Accenture’s internal ‘Facebook. ’” Inquirer. cyberspace ( February 14. 2008 ) .

1. How does the Accenture People site aid Accenture better function its clients? 2. How successful do you believe Accenture will be at acquiring its employees to make their profiles? 3. Can you see any drawbacks related to employees making their ain profiles?

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