Banking Concepts Of Education Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

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Banking Concepts Of Education Essay Research Paper
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Banking Concepts Of Education Essay, Research Paper

Paulo Freire, a Brazilian pedagogue and writer of The Banking Concept of Education evaluates the relationship between the instructor and pupil in the schoolroom. One particular job that he points out in the Banking method of instruction is that pupils have become containers to be filled by instructors. The more information a pupil can memorise from category the better the instructor is. Freire believes that there is another manner to educate in the schoolroom that would non merely profit the pupils but help the instructors every bit good. In his method the instructor would get down by explicating his point of position on the topic being taught, so the pupil could take the information and usage it to his or her advantage by utilizing the information and edifice upon it through their ain cognition and experiences. In this schoolroom state of affairs the pupil has moved from being a witness to a re-creator, together the instructors and pupils help each other larning through reliable thought. Freire s preferred method of instruction, the job presenting attack is when the instructor proposes a subject or inquiry the pupils express their ideas on the topic and so the instructor responds with his or her thoughts. Both the pupil and the instructor are able to add to their cognition utilizing the information from other people s thoughts. In Freire s ain words, & # 8230 ; the problem-posing pedagogue invariably re-forms his contemplations in the contemplations of the pupils. The students-no thirster docile listeners-are now critical co-investigators in duologue with the instructor. The instructor presents the stuff to the pupils for their considerations, and re-considers her earlier conside

ration as the students express their own. (Freire 355) I believe that teachers should use different methods of teaching for each new class they have. In the problem posing education method the class relies on the input from the students, even classes in the same subject would be different for the teacher each time new students come through. In the banking method the teacher would have the same explanation and lecture, nothing would change for the teacher even with different students. It is important that the teachers learn along with the students so that their arguments and explanations can become more broad and stronger along with each new class. In my personal experience I have always enjoyed classes where the teacher has maintained a problem posing approach to teaching. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time before the students fully participate in class discussion. There are certain courses that would be easier to teach with the banking method of education, for instance on the first day of a physics class it would be tough for the students to jump right into discussion and make points on new and unfamiliar subject material. A certain amount of knowledge is required before taking an AP course, and the best way for students keep up with these classes would require some memorization from previous teachers lectures. I think that it should be up to the teacher to decide what mix of teaching methods work best for each course they have. I respect Paulo Freire s problem posing method, it should be used in classes more often. Teachers and students may find that the best method is a combination between the extremes of the banking lecture, and the problem posing interrelationship comparing.

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