Banning Non Smokers Essay Research Paper November

8 August 2017

Baning Non Smokers Essay, Research Paper

Banning Non Smokers Essay Research Paper November Essay Example

November 15, 2000

Protecting Non-Smokers on Campus

Peoples have many different positions about smoking in public topographic points. Smokers feel it is their right to smoke where and when they want. But non-smokers like me, experience that people who smoke are really jeopardizing my life and the lives of non-smokers. Smoking causes bosom disease, lung malignant neoplastic disease and other respiratory diseases. Smoke is attributed as the figure one cause of lung malignant neoplastic disease. The bulk of non-smokers who have lung malignant neoplastic disease receive it because of nonvoluntary smoke or inactive smoke. While people who smoke experience that smoking in campus should stay because it is their right, smoking in topographic points where people gather should be banned. This is for the simple ground that 2nd manus smoke endangers the lives of guiltless non-smokers. Not merely do tobacco users jeopardize other people? s lives, they pollute the environment excessively. Smoking at Shoreline should be either banned or Torahs must be made protecting the lives of the non-smokers and certain people should do certain the Torahs are being enforced.

At the present minute, Shoreline has no ordinances on smoke. Smokers are allowed to smoke when and where they delight. This creates a large job to the non-smoking community at Shoreline. Signs posted outside of schoolrooms read? No smoke within 30 pess of the edifice, ? but pupils wholly ignore the marks and fume right in forepart of the schoolrooms. There are small mushroom clouds at every corner of the campus. Detecting the clouds gives one the impression that person merely dropped an atom

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bomb over that country. As a consequence schoolrooms are filled with fume from the coffin nails. When I walk by these countries, I am so overwhelmed by the fume that I have to keep my breath until I clear that small country.

Another job is that coffin nail butts are left everyplace and this could make a fire jeopardy. Students heedlessly throw away their coffin nails butts without trouble oneselfing to set them out. There are designated bins, particularly for coffin nails where 1 could set it out and throw it off but no 1 really seems to make it. Imagine, on a hot summer twenty-four hours person might bury to set the coffin nail out and throw it out onto the grass. The grass could catch on fire, and spread, and burn the whole constructing down. Then Shoreline would get down bear downing the pupils more tuition fees to cover the losingss and the redevelopment of the edifices. Shoreline would besides halt supplying fiscal assistance for the pupils who are from low-income households to cover the losingss of the edifices. Then the pupils would be in deep problem because of their inability to pay the tuition and would hold to drop out of college. To guarantee that a drastic thing like this won? T happen, Shoreline should do pupils more cognizant of how lifelessly of a fire jeopardy it is when one doesn? T fuss to set their coffin nail out.

Most of the clip people start smoking because of his or her fellow friend. When people see their friends smoking they besides feel like taking in a retarding force or two to be like them and to suit into the crowd. These tobacco users are in a manner advertisement smoke. Imagine

how many people get hooked on coffin nails and acquire led to the doorsill of snake pit, merely seeking to be cool.

Another ground why smoke should be banned is because of the environment at Shoreline. Smoking truly cripples the environment at Shoreline. Smoking is an air

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pollutant and can damage the wellness of a individual in a figure of ways. As I mentioned before, air pollution can take to many respiratory diseases. Shoreline doesn? Ts have a good airing system ; hence, all the fume that enters the schoolrooms can non get away because of the unequal airing.

The solution for all the jobs that I listed supra is to censor smoke, but it is non traveling to go on in the close hereafter. In the average clip, here are some solutions that I thought of to protect the non-smokers on campus.

Make tougher regulations on smoke and enforce it. For illustration, pupils who smoke near the edifices where they are non allowed to should be fined a certain sum of money. More securities should be policing the campus looking for lawbreakers. I think a little smoke sofa should be created at least 50 pess off from every edifice so whenever a pupil experience the impulse to smoke, they could travel at that place and freely smoke without aching others. A fund elevation might assist to cover the costs of constructing smoke sofas.

Above all, pupils should be made cognizant of the effects of smoke. One should seek to convert people that there is no point in smoking except the fact that he or she is increasing their opportunity of deceasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours by pulling in all that fume. What Shoreline could make is offer plans and awards to pupils who are seeking to discontinue. Give pupils categories on the effects of smoke, and put anti smoke postings up. Enrolling in these smoke plans will assist a individual quit the wont of smoke. Give a tobacco user an award when he or she quits hence, it would be an encouragement for them non to smoke any longer.

There is ever a flipside to everything you do. In this instance, censoring smoke might arouse a battle in the campus between tobacco users and non-smokers because tobacco users

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believe that smoke is their right. If we are traveling to construct a smoke sofa, there is the job of money. I don? t think a fund elevation would be sufficient to cover all the costs of edifice but Shoreline can inquire the Federal authorities for money to construct smoke sofas. The authorities will certainly supply finance for a good cause like this. Shoreline can bear down pupils more on their tuition fees and use that excess sum to cover the costs of the edifice.

In decision there is no manner we can work out the job of smoking wholly in one twenty-four hours. It would be a gradual procedure by educating people more about the effects of smoke. Enforcing tougher Torahs on smoke in campus will certainly cut down the wont of smoke. Designating countries where people can smoke will assist cut down acquiring any diseases by inactive smoke. Smoking coffin nails is a deathly wont, impacting the greatest figure of people everyday. If people were to make a mental prohibition on smoke, Shoreline would hold a healthier environment.

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