Banning The Designated Hitter Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

Baning The Designated Hitter Essay, Research Paper

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In 1973, an abomination to the game of baseball was made. The designated batter was established in the American League. 27 old ages ago American League hurlers were pleased to cognize that they would ne’er hold to put pes at the home base unless they were in the rare circumstance of a World Series game held at the Stadium of the National League title-holders. This changed many things in the game of baseball. It changed the manner directors handled their schemes, gave hurlers an excess inducement, and even defied the Torahs of baseball. I think that the designated batter should be removed from the game of baseball.

Originally the designated batter was meant to increase the violative end product of the game because the athletics of baseball was deceasing, and the proprietors were willing to make anything to acquire the attending up once more ( Nocera 50 ) . However, the American League proprietors were the lone 1s willing to pick up the new regulation. As a consequence of this there has been an advantage for American League directors. They now have an excess chiropteran in the batting order and have the ability to go forth their best hurlers in when there is tight state of affairs at the home base. On the other manus, National League directors must either allow their weak striking hurlers step up to the home base or take the hurler out of the game and replace him with person out of the bullpen because he had to replace him with a pinch batter. So now the American League is no longer faced with the determination to replace its hurlers. Alternatively they have a powerful chiropteran in their place the whole game. Alternatively they could replace their weak striking hurlers for some batter who is excessively slow, weak, or old to play the field.

Designated batters are typically old, washed up participants that can t be replaced, non because they are so good that they are merely indispensable, it s because of the participants brotherhood. These cats are acquiring paid approximately $ 2 million a twelvemonth to bat 15 proceedingss a game, and the are maintaining the talent-rich immature Triple A ball participant out because the brotherhood won t let them to be traded ( Nocera 50 ) . I would travel every bit far as to reason that the designated batter is really non a participant, based on the simple fact that he does non play the field, by jurisprudence non doing him a valid baseball participant. The first regulation of baseball provinces that Baseball is a games between two squads of nine participants each ( Will 78 ) . With the designated batter in the game, the batting orders begin with 10 participants each, which defies the first regulation of baseball.

It has been proven that American League hitters are hit 10-15 % more frequently ( Goff 555 ) . This has been on the rise of all time since the 1973, when the designated batter was established. S

ince the hurlers didn Ts have to bat any more they could throw heedlessly at other hitters without effect. This subsequently led to greater advantages to American League hurlers. They now could flip curve balls and pitch depression and off because the hitters were less likely to works their pess in ensuing in less power ( Goff 555 ) . Another drawback of the designated batter is that American League hurlers don t bear the full duty of hitting the other hitters ( Goff 555 ) . The ensuing act is a bench glade bash which is normally contributed to the striking of batters through the class of the game. The lone thing that keeps the hurlers from cloping opposing hitters every opportunity they get is that when a hitter is hit he automatically gets on first base and the other hurler can throw at his teammates ( Goff 555 ) .

The designated batter is the most feared participant harmonizing to Duby. Duby besides states that most designated batters are aged outfielders and creaky first basemen with moneymaking contracts and bad attitudes. . . ( Duby 4 ) . How can these participants be considered the most feared in the game of baseball? Duby goes on to province that Jack Clark was the best designated batter in the game. However, he does endorse up his statement with outstanding stats and broken records. Alternatively he talks about how he wasn t accepted by the crowd and merely had one memorable hit in his calling as a designated batter ( Duby 4 ) . This merely goes to demo me that even the crowd does non like designated batters because they can t demo their expertness in the field. All they can make is ba, Ts and normally over two-thirds the of clip they get out. Bating in baseball is a game of failure. If you look at about any hitter in the Major Leagues that chiropterans in every game of the season he is good below.500 which means over half the clip they are acquiring out, and if all they do is chiropteran over half their calling as a designated batter is considered a failure.

So if the designated batter is nil but a failure, and you can look at the record since the initiation in 1973, it is merely maintaining talented all around ball participants out of the game and maintaining old washed-up participants in the game for no ground. Pitchers should hold to bat in the American League all the clip. It would cut down the sum of hit batters, bench uncluttering bash, and add another component of scheme to the game. With people so money hungry, it seems that the lone ground the designated batter still exists today is for the old participants to do money that they don t demand. The violative exhilaration originally intended by the designated batter is non produced nor is it needed in the universe of baseball today. Since they aren t making their occupation, I think they should be out of a occupation.


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