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2 February 2017

We would like to lengthen our profound gratitude to Mr. Noberto Montecino for the chance he has given to us in conducting this study on the history of Brgy. Banga, Bayawan City. This effort would not have been possible without his reinforcement and reassurances of making this research a successful one. We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciations to Hon. Amador Antique for his magnanimous and generous sharing of knowledge with regard on the past history of Brgy. Banga.

Furthermore, we would like to thank our parents for their unending love, support, understanding and prayer as well as to our dearest friends who indeed help us in accomplishing this matter. Above all, we give our genuine gratefulness to the Father Almighty, the author of life and source of all knowledge and wisdom. Without Him, we know that we can never attain the greatest achievements of life. INTRODUCTION The research about the roots and development of Barangay Banga is done solely to inform the readers about how Barangay Banga came to be and how it grew into an industrialized Barangay as of today.

Barangay Banga Profile Essay Example

Barangay Banga before is a vast plantation of Banga Trees, which belongs to the monocot group as Palm Tree. The Banga tree is best known before as a good material for flooring that is why it is mainly used by people. The Banga Central School of Brgy. Banga is one of the major contributions of the first Teniente del Barrio, Ceriaco Galon in the year 1940. He was the one who donated the lot for the construction of the said school. It is then a great help to the residents of Barangay Banga. Barangay Banga also has rice mills since one of the crops grown in the Barangay is “palay. ” One functional Ice Plant is also located in Barangay Banga.

It is also in Barangay Banga where one of the best and known subdivision of Bayawan City is located, the Lopez Village Subdivion. And near the Subdivion is a Chapel. One of the Sitios of Barangay Banga, Cabcabon, is soon to be the new City Site of Bayawan. A prestigious school, the Bayawan City Science and Technology Education Center, is also constructed in the said Sitio. It is also where the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology is also located. And now, the construction of the new City Hall and other important offices are now being initiated.

Banga got its name from the vegetation known as Banga Tree which belongs to the monocot groups as Palm Tree. The history goes that, years ago the place is thickly populated by Banga Tree which many people used it for flooring their house. In a particular place a person cut down but he was warned by the folks not to cut those trees because the place where believed to be enchanted, but he insisted cutting the trees. After a few weeks the said person got sick and died from that circumstances, in every corner of the community believed that the death was due to the cutting of the Banga Tree.

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