Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce

8 August 2019

If I said Duck Sauce, you might wrinkle your nose in disgust and think about a poor innocent duck being slaughtered into a sauce. That’s exactly what I would think too, but I’m not talking about cute little duckies here, I’m talking about the band Duck Sauce! It’s not a super popular one, but some have heard of it. They’re best known for their intruging and extremely catch song “Barbara Streisand.’

The song starts off with a quick repitious beat that goes on for about twenty seconds, and the band quickly starts off with the only lyrics in the song, “Barbara Streisand.” Then, the song goes in a super crazy and catchy beat, one you just want to dance the night away to, whilst the singers sing Ooo- ooo-ooo- ooo! The song always gets me pumped off, and makes me want to dance my feet off. If you enjoy this song and really like it, you can dance to it on Just Dance 3, or search it on youtube and watch it there. The song was once popular months ago, but I still love it!

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