Barn Burning Essay Research Paper In

8 August 2017

Barn Burning Essay, Research Paper

In & # 8220 ; Barn Burning, & # 8221 ; Faulkner incorporates several cases of sarcasm. He utilizes this

literary tool in order to assist the development of his characters and to show his ultimate

message to the readers. Some illustrations of his usage of sarcasm are the unwilled yet

inevitable stoping of the Snopes household clip after clip, the similarities and differences

between Sarty Snopes and his male parent, and eventually, the two distinguishable intents for which

Abner Snopes uses fire. Individually, each is able to lend to the development of the

two chief characters in the short narrative. Jointly, they are besides able to assist Faulkner

convey his personal message that basically, an single & # 8217 ; s sense of values comprises

who he/she is.

The most obvious case of sarcasm is the eldritch manner in which each enterprise

of the Snopes household concludes every clip. To the reader & # 8217 ; s cognition, it is neither

intended nor premeditated that each effort of the household to do a new start consequences in

the same result. Each battle is precisely that, giving the invariable, unsought consequence

of a barn being engulfed in harrying fires and the household being forced to seek for a

new get downing. These tests help Sarty understand that in order to take control of his ain

fate, he must divide himself from his household and venture out on his ain. If he of all time

wants to populate a life other than that of a vagabond with no existent opportunity for felicity or

stableness, he must go forth now.

Another instance of the usage of sarcasm is the comparing between Sarty Snopes and his

male parent. While they physically resemble each other, their ethical motives could non differ more.

Sarty is & # 8220 ; little and stringy like his male parent ( p267, paragraph 7 ) . & # 8221 ; However the similarities

are purely limited to physical features. The values and rules that the male parent

and boy embracing reveal the true contrast between the two. Abner allows his emotions

and pride to acquire the

better of him, commanding his actions and doing him respond in an

irrational mode. This tears immature Sarty apart because although he wishes to obey and

honour his male parent, he can non morally respect Abner and his workss. Faulkner uses this

contrast in ideals to assist Sarty recognize that he is does non desire to turn up like his male parent

nor is he obligated to follow in his footfalls. It helps him to see that he must get away if he

of all time wants to alter his manner of life.

The concluding illustration of sarcasm is possibly the most of import and effectual. Abner

Snopes uses fire for two really distinguishable intents which is the prototype of sarcasm. He uses

the fire in a really destructive mode each clip he burns down a barn. This immense

blazing serves no intent but to maintain integral his pride, & # 8220 ; the component of fire radius to some

deep mainspring of his male parent & # 8217 ; s being, & # 8230 ; as the one arm for the saving of

unity ( p 270, paragraph 1 ) . & # 8221 ; However, when it comes to maintaining his household warm,

Abner sets merely & # 8220 ; a little fire, niggard about, a shrewd fire ( p 270, paragraph 1 ) . & # 8221 ; To

save the heat of a big fire for his household while puting expansive 1s for the

unneeded intent of pulverizing a barn seems pathetic. Abner Snopes clearly has

his precedences out of order. He is excessively caught up in his ain self-importance to recognize that his

household is enduring right before him. Although literally, Abner & # 8217 ; s wont is to fire barns,

possibly what he is truly burning is the really bridge his household needs to traverse in order to

achieve contentment, success, and stableness.

Faulkner & # 8217 ; s message about the importance of single values and ideals is

well-expressed through & # 8220 ; Barn Burning. & # 8221 ; It is clear that Abner lacks both and is hence

unable to supply for his household and induces his ain prematurely decease. Sarty represents

the hope that could hold easy fallen into the footfalls of an overbearing male parent but

alternatively was wise plenty to recognize the mistake in Abner & # 8217 ; s ways and realign himself.

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