Barney’s Of New York

4 April 2015
Analyzes the recent bankruptcy filing by Barney’s department store and assesses the outlook for the future.

Barney’s Department Store in New York has followed a number of other New York retail institutions into difficult times. Recently, there were rumors that Saks Fifth Avenue was considering purchasing Barney’s for $290 million, an offer that, in conjunction with Barney’s lead creditor, the Japanese department store giant Isetan, would require agreement from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. It was thought that the combination of Saks and Isetan would represent the strongest possible pairing of retailing and real estate expertise (Barrett 48). The deal was not made.

The department store in America has been affected by shifts in the economy just as have other types of business. However, the department store has also been buffeted by the development of specialty stores and by the development of more and more types of …

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