Bartleby The Scrivener Essay Research Paper If

7 July 2017

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Bartleby The Scrivener Essay Research Paper If
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Bartleby The Scrivener Essay, Research Paper

If you analyzed life so much merely to detect that it was meaningless, that you were merely a machine, would you,

shut down, turn your self off? In the short narrative Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville, Bartleby does merely

that. My thoughts are really similar to those of Leo B. Levy. He believes that a enchantment was cast over Bartleby, and that

he was already dead because of a mental self-destruction. We have similar thoughts about the subject, character, and scene,

and how they add to the narrative s darkness.

My thoughts about subject are the same as Levy, that throughout the piece there was a definite fog seen

through everything, from the edifice where Bartleby worked to the authorship manner. An illustration of this fog is

The puting played a important function in the narrative of Bartleby. The dark streets, the edifice where he

worked ever in shadows. The fact that the narrative took topographic point on Wall Street is cardinal ; during the twenty-four hours, it was bubbling

with people, while at dark there was no 1 at all. This was because Wall Street is non a residential country merely a

concern country, so after five o clock, the topographic point was like a shade town. The interesting fact was that Bartleby lived in

the office, where he had no contact with anyone until forenoon.

On the other manus, Levy s thoughts about how setting plays a portion in Bartleby differ somewhat from mine. He

says that Bartleby was enclosed by the fiscal power of Wall Street doing the illation that Bartleby was

tweaked by the power that was around him. Besides, stating that he was

surrounded by inkiness.

Fictional character is the most of import facet of the narrative. It has long been disputed whether the narrative is about

the attorney, or about Bartleby. In my sentiment, they have the same sum of importance & # 8230 ; without the attorney at that place

would be no narrative, merely as there would be no narrative without Bartleby. Levy agrees with me stating, the narrative is at

last as much the attorney s as it is Bartleby s. Bartleby s character is at foremost perceived as lazy, but so the reader

learns more about his character. When Bartleby is left entirely at dark, he has hours to chew over about the unreciprocated

inquiries of the existence, such as the significance of life, or the intent of being. And after some clip of believing the

inquiries he answered them ( what he thought ) . And that is what caused him to halt making the undertakings required for

mundane life, because in his head there was no intent to making any of that meaningless work.

Levy has some other ideas stating that the enchantment dramatis personae over Bartleby besides falls upon a busy and frenetic

scene, Stating that it is non original to Bartleby, that others have been the same manner. Of the attorney he says, With

Bartleby he portions the lifelong, frozen forbearance in which consists his strength and distinctive feature that he is non

despairing & # 8230 ; but simply devoid of hope. I would hold thought that that describes Bartleby instead than the lawyer..

I think that I was on the right path, but that Levy went into more depth and item. Over all, we had the

same basic thoughts about subject, scene, and character, which are the most of import factors in any narrative.

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