It was April 8, 2008 when our baseball team lost our first game of the year. The final score was 16-15. All the runs where scored off errors. I was so disgusted after the game.
The game started off with Farfield beatting us 2-1. Then when the second inning rolled around we where starting to hit. It all started with a single hit by Reid Sanders. Then we had a pop up that advanced Reid to second. After that big Ty came up and hit a double and scored Reid. The game was all tied up. We finished that inning with 7 runs and we almost got to bat around twice.
We had Jared Phillips on the mound pitching a two hitter with the game at 8-2 us. He got a three up three down that inning to leave the score at 8-2. When we got back up to bat we had our sticks working again. We finished that inning with six more runs and put the game at 14-2.
When the fourth inning rolled around you could tell that Jared was losing his touch on pitching. When we went to the bench the score was 14-9. We got up to bat and only scored 1 run that inning to make the score 15-9.
Since Jared was tired after pitching four innings the coach put me in. I didn’t ge an out until the fourth batter and the score was now 15-11. The next batter that I faced I got a strikeout. But that wouldn’t matter for long since I walked the next batter and Nathan Price came in and I went to third. Usually nobody hits off Nathan but that night they where hitting everything. We had a chance to end the game but we had a bad hop on our shortstop that won the game for Farfield.
When we got finished with the game we shook their hands and headed home. Everybody was so mad at the outcome that nobody wuld talk on the way back home. That is the reasonwhy the coach should look out for whats best for the team and not an individual. We would have won the game if we would of had our starters in.

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