Baseball Culture

Baseball hasn’t always been the loving sport it is today before 1947 there were two separate leagues because here Was a color barrier. The first person to break this barrier was Jackie Robinson an African American baseball player who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers from April 15, 1947- October 10, 1956. This was the beginning of a new era and with this it created a whole new view on the game itself. Baseball is a game where people can come together as one unit but be complete strangers, where people can go to just hangout, and also where you can enjoy some of the best yet expensive food.At a baseball game it is considered good to yell out bad things at the away am, you usually do this with other fans which you most of the time do not know, you also scream with fellow fans when your team does a good thing, whether they score or someone just made a spectacular web gem. All of this is in good fun and the fact that you are able to share all this with random strangers is amazing, because a lot of times people do not like to step out of their comfort zone and talk to new people, but at a ball game you are able to do that no matter what kind of person you are.

Through the game people are able to step out of their comfort zone and meet new people and interact with people they have never met before. Although if your team is the away team be careful because some fans really hate the other team and sometimes do crazy things. Since the beginning going to a ball game was always a way for people to get out and enjoy a thrilling game. It allows people to hang out with friends or even go on a date, it lets people go out and see their favorite player and scream their name and try to get their autograph or if they are lucky even a stricture.Going to a baseball stadium is just a great way for people to enjoy the sport they love and hangout. Going to a baseball game is probably one of the best times a person could ever have, because you never know whether or not the game could end up going into extra innings or it being a blowout victory for the home team. That is the fun in going to a game the excitement of anything can happen, imagine being a young boy or girl and catching a ball that catch would be with you for the rest of your life.

Being at a game is a retreat experience and is one of the best events a person can go to because it allows you to be who you are just enjoy life because for those 3 hours you are at that game nothing else is on your mind except the game. While at a baseball game most people get hungry luckily baseball stadiums have some of the best food known to man. But that food comes at a price like a price of you are not paying for anything for less than $5. But although these prices are high it is just a must to at least get a hot dog at a baseball game.

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