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Baseball Essay, Research Paper


Central Michigan University baseball is one of the finest in the province

of Michigan. Baseball participants at C.M.U. are dedicated to being the best on and

off the field. I had the privilege of working baseball for my first PES 283

rotary motion, and I think I will ne’er bury it for the remainder of my life. Coach

Kriener demands the jocks to be the best students-athletes that they can be.

I believe this is one ground no senior has graduated in twenty old ages without

winning a ring. He teaches them to be victors ; he will non accept anything but

the best.

I believe that the best manner to avoid hurts is to be in form and usage

common sense. There are many factors that could do hurt on a baseball

diamond. The best manner to do our occupation as trainers easier is to forestall these

hurts. The best manner to forestall hurt is to do certain that all the equipment

is put on the side and non on the center of the field, where person traveling for a

foul does non trip over a baseball or a helmet. I do non believe jocks truly

think in such footings until person really gets hurt.

One thing that I ever kept my oculus on when I was working was to do

certainly the backstop & # 8217 ; s were have oning their face mask when they were warming the

hurlers in the bullpen. At first, the jocks thought I was stating them to

set their mask on as an important figure ; nevertheless, after I explained to them

it was for their ain good, and I was merely looking out for their safety, they

realized why I was making it. I believe one manner to acquire the regard of the

jocks and managers on a squad is to allow them see you care about them, and you

as the trainer attention about them winning.

Warming and chilling down earlier and after pattern is another good manner

to forestall hurt. Warming up by running and so stretching will assist forestall

hurt. Light ramble oning gets the blood supply fluxing and will heighten the

stretch. I believe it besides gets the jock ready to execute. Stretching will

besides promote flexibleness, a large factor with being & # 8220 ; in shape. & # 8221 ; The cool down

period is besides of import in doing certain the athlete corsets in form aerobically.

This will maximise the pattern. I ever made certain the jocks did all the


running before they received their ice.

I found out the N.C.A.A. truly did non enforce a batch of safety factors

for baseball. The lone thing harmonizing to Kevin Smoot the lone safety

bar methods the N.C.A.A. authorizations are the hitter to have on a helmet and the

backstop wear a mask and the protective equipment. The large thing that suprized

me is the participants are non mandated to have on a protective cup. Any participant in

their right head would have on one, but sometimes you get one or two jocks that

are non excessively bright.

One major thing that I saw and heard hurlers use to assist forestall

shoulder hurt is the offseason shoulder exercise plan. It has been over

twenty old ages since a hurler with no old hurt and who has candidly done

the exercise miss a start in the rotary motion to shoulder hurt. The shoulder

plan was one of the biggest things that impressed me. I will do certain

before I leave C.M.U. I have a transcript of the plan and do certain my jocks

usage it. If we as trainers can forestall shoulder hurts we can travel a long manner as

baseball trainers. Shoulder hurts are the biggest job for throwing

jocks. If the shoulder job does non acquire taken attention of the hurt could

travel down to the cubitus and maintain move on down and could perchance stop a jocks


I genuinely enjoyed working with baseball. Baseball was decidedly a measure

up from working with Women & # 8217 ; s hoops. After go forthing baseball I felt as if I

was associated with a group of victors that played to win sometimes I wondered

about that sometimes working hoops. I worked with fourgoodstudent trainers,

three fellow 283 & # 8217 ; s, and a ATC that I learned a lotform. I do non believe I could

of been any luckier. It was genuinely a blast.


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BASEBALL Fall 1996

Elias S. Kabban PES 283 10-17-96

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