Basic Microbiological Techniques

2 February 2017

Microbiological Techniques Submitted by Ozan Enver Ozdemir 20120707007 Submitted to Nurullah Aydogdu Merve Seven Submission Date and Section 10. 10. 2012-5 1. Aim Aim of this first experiment is producing individual E.

Colibakteria colonies with using streaking method . Aim of second experiment is planting with using spreading method and with serial dilution to observe the decreasing number of colonies. 2. Theory Some micro-organisms can be harmful to humans as they cause illness.For this reason, microbiological techniques have been developed to control the unwanted growth and spreading of micro-organisms. We try to learn about micro-organisms and understand that how do micro-organisms grow in human body using microbiological techniques. In this experiment we use some microbiological techniques.

Basic Microbiological Techniques Essay Example

First of all is Culturing : A sample (called the inoculum)(E. Colibakteria) is introduced into a culture medium that provides an controlled environment where the micro-organism can multiply.The observable growth that appears in the medium is known as a culturing. Microbiological media is a medium which inculudes all requirements for growth of microorganisms. there are organic and inorganic compounds. 2 types of medias use in laboratory. Nutrient Broth(liquid, contained in bottle or tubes.

) and other one is Nutrient Agar(solid, actually like jelly, contained in petri dishes. ) We use one of the culture as known Pure Calture ; is culture that contains a single known species or type of micro-organism.This type of culture is most constantly used for the study of micro-organisms in the laboratory. When studying the single type of a micro-organism(pure calture) other micro-organisms must not introduce our culture . Otherwise we will not take certain results(Contaminating). Contaminating micro-organisms may produce substances that can prevent the growth of the studied micro-organism. Streaking is one of the microbiological techniques is used for that increase the chance for producing individual colonies from individual microbial cells which seperated by dragging over the surface of agar.

This method is used for that isolate the cells from crowded colonies to reproduce them in controlled environment. There are several types of streaking method. types of streaking method Serial dilution is frequently used in laboratary to lessen number of microorganism per unit of sample before using spreading method . spreading method is useful for planting and isolating individual cells from crowded colonies to obvious observation. 3. Materials and Chemicals Experiment 1 NutrientAgar(solid) Loop Culture of BacteriaAlcohol Burner Parafilm PetriDishes Experiment 2 MicrocetrifugeTube(Eppendorf Tube) 1. 5ml Culture of Bacteria Micropipette Pipette Tips Alcohol Burner Nutrient Broth(liquid) Petri Dishes Parafilm Alcohol GlassRod 4.

Produce Experiment 1 The cap of tube contains culture of bacteria was opened . The loop was put into the tube. The cap was closed. The lid of the Petri dish to be streaked at nearly 45-degree angle was lifted. Four areas were determineted on the dish imaginery. The loop was placed into dish. The loop was touched the medium.

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