Basketball vs Volleyball

10 October 2016

Basketball vs. Volleyball Basketball and Volleyball are different and similar in many ways. This essay is going to compare and contrast these two popular sports, comparing things such as the sense of teamwork needed for both sports, and showing contrast in the aspects of them, like the number of players on each team. Basketball and Volleyball have many differences, such as how many players are on the court and how many positions are played. Basketball is played with five players on the court, all with a different position. Volleyball has 6 players and only two main positions.

The positions in volleyball are the spikier and the setter and the six players on the court rotate through playing the positions. My girlfriend was the setter, but she was so much better at diving that she was deemed as the “designated Diver. ” She once scored 10 points while serving in a tie breaker game and ultimately won the game for her team.

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Basketball positions are known as point guard, shooting guard, forward, strong forward and center. Usually one person plays only one position, but back in high school I switched between the forward, strong forward and center positions, because I could handle doing any one of them.

Another difference basketball and volleyball have is the time limit they are played in, and the plays that the players run. Volleyball is played for three games. For there to be a winner, one team must win two out of three games. There is no time limit and no set plays for volleyball, the games are simply played until one team gets 25 points, but they have to win by at least two points or the game will continue until that is achieved. If it goes to the third game or the tie breaker, the score will be to 15 but still having to win by two.

Basketball, on the other hand, has a much higher scoring system. The two teams play for 20 minute halves, and can score as many points as the teams possibly can in the allotted time limit. If the teams are tied in basketball at the end of the allotted time, they go into overtime, in which they play a five minute half and the team with the most points at the end wins. If the teams continue to tie, the game will continue into double overtime and onwards until one team ends the time with more points. Though they both have scoring systems, the way the points are scored is different.

In basketball, you are trying to get the ball through a narrow orange hoop, either scoring 1, 2, or 3 points by doing so, depending on how far from the hoop you are. In volleyball, you are trying to serve, bump, set, and/or spike the ball over the net to make it land inbounds on the other team’s side of the floor. Volleyball players must get the ball over the net within three touches or the point will go to the other team. I mentioned that both sports score points, but that is only one of the many ways basketball and volleyball are the same. Another way is communication throughout the sport’s seasons.

This action should start at the beginning of the preseason or practice with your teammates and even your coach. Without communication, volleyball players could dive onto each other, run head/full body into each other or one player could think that another player has the ball when its coming down but doesn’t get it, because they, the other player was thinking the exact same thing. Basketball on the other hand, if teammates don’t have communication, the game could turn into a four on three situation. This has happened a couple of times with me and both ended up badly.

One time lending to a big dunk that put the other team ahead. So, each sport needs to communicate for the team to do well in games and in practice. Without communication with the coach in both sports, players could run into many more issues: such as themselves and others not listening, not knowing what to do, and no one being able to work with each other because of that. Another similarity that these two sports have in common is hard work and dedication. In both sports, with all the players working hard in practice, it will make the games easier and the players more aware of what is going on.

With hard work in the games it will lead to more victories, which is another thing I have experienced in all my years of playing basketball. My team worked as hard as they could in both practice and games, and that season we went on to win the city league title, which happened to be my senior year in high school. Dedication for both sports shows both the players and the coaches that you want to get better, that the sport means something to you. The same is true in both sports, the harder any player works and the more passion they show, and the better the game will be for everyone.

Team work and skill are the two aspects that pull the rest of the similarities together. They go together in all sports because all teams depend on each other a lot. In order for them to do well, they need to develop their individual skills and their skills with each other. Determining the amount of skill a player has and the skill of the entire team will help the coach determine if they are champions or possibly could be. Team work is one of the things I wanted to talk about last so that it would stick in your head. This is a main thing in all sports and that will help determine if teams will go on to win against better teams.

Basketball and Volleyball are similar in more ways than I could have thought of at first. Now that this essay was written, I know more about the similarities within these two sports. The differences were more interesting to me because I always thought volleyball wasn’t that difficult of a sport. I didn’t really know anything about volleyball until I had decided to choose this topic to write about. I now know that sports have similarities and differences down to even the smallest facts such as those in and with both Basketball and Volleyball.

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