Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison

4 April 2015
An analysis of the similarities between the main character and the author of the book “Bastard Out of Carolina.”

This paper analyzes the similarities between Bone, the main character of “Bastard Out of Carolina” and Dorothy Allison, the author of the book. These two women undergone similar unpleasant experiences such as sexual abuse.
“This is a novel in the southern setting of Greenville, South Carolina. The main characters are of the Boatwright family. These people see themselves as very strong, proud, and independent. Ruth Ann Boatwright, also known as “Bone,” is the center of the story. This book sees her character grow from a helpless child, to a very mature teen. It would be difficult for anyone to rise above the poverty and lack of education in this town, but somehow Bone gets through it all. From the beginning, it seems like a formula for failure. Annie Boatwright was her mother, giving birth to Bone at just 15 years old. Bone will never know the identity of her biological father, making her the forbidden bastard child. Her mother re-marries to a man called “Daddy Glen.” From yet another previous lover, Annie has a child named Reese. The story follows this disjointed family through various moves, quarrels, and deaths. It is not long before Daddy Glen starts to strongly resent Bone, and turns his resentment into anger and lust. The story swells to a point where the mother, Annie, must make a choice between her husband or daughter. Bone finds that her mother has deserted her in the end, and at the age of 12 she is left to be raised by an aunt. After being molested, raped, beaten, and finally deserted, she still has a great respect for her mother. This story shows a little girl’s strength to rise above hatred and betrayal.”
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