Batangas City

5 May 2018

Landfill March 2013 LEAF OF APPROVAL To accomplish the requirements needed in REST 101, this research study entitled by the Common Stress And Factors Affecting the Adjustment of Single Parents in Selected Barraging In Mammal, Battings presented by a group researcher in BBS Psychology 222 students: Dado, Karachi V. Landfill Rachel Anne M. To be accepted by our English instructor, College of Arts and Sciences, Battings State University, in order to accomplish the course English 201. DRP. Load F.Tango Instructor ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We wish to manifest deep gratitude to the following individuals for their cooperation and contribution in order to have good accomplishments in our field research.

Ms. Load F. Tango our respected REST instructor who expertly performed several tasks related to transforming the raw man script into publishable forms and for guiding us to our work. To our respondents for allowing us to gather our research and for being hostile for accepting us for answering and giving some information honestly.Each member of the group is well cooperated to finish our research work. All scholars and writers lecture, thesis or articles are herein quoted. Our friend – for helping and sharing some knowledge to contribute to our research and for their words of encouragement.

Our families -? for being supportive and cooperative giving the needs to accomplish our research. Above all, to HIM, who made all things possible! Once again thank you!

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