Battalion Commander

10 October 2016

I would be able to move the Jaguar Battalion to become a more productive and motivated set of cadets that we have seen since my freshman year in JROTC. I have numerous plans to achieve these goals and will more likely be able to acomplish them by doing the following; having company set goals, a fundraising chart to have an interactive view on which company is raising more money, fitness charts set around each JROTC room to show cadets proper movements on excercises, stretches, fitness goals and proper diets to help maintain and have a healthy body.

I will also have Cadet Challenge requirement guidelines in each room to help cadets know what they need to achieve in order for them to recieve special awards or high scores on the Cadet Challenge when the date comes. These are just few of many ideas that I have to help and improve our Jaguar Battalion to become the best battalion we have ever seen in ELCHS.

I should recieve this postion due to my high leadership skills, manager skills that I have learned while being employed, fast-paced thinking for certain situations and my ability to maintain proper patience and social communication skills to help with any situation that rises in the battalion. I am highly motivated and very determined in ELLA (East Lee Leadership Academy) and will have no problem to help motivate cadets to not only have proper skills needed for their high school year, but to also become open-minded and organized individuals.

I have made many faults in JROTC and I am well aware of my decisions that I have made, but I have also learned from those mistakes and will only move forward to make sure that East Lee has a stable and enthusiastic leader to help lead cadets in the battalion. I was unsecure and was very reliant on others and their opinions, But I am now able to move pass those negative qualaties that held me back as a leader and will be able to move forward and lead without any quandry or other problematic situations that arose in previous years.

I have also made a huge decision in the middle of my JROTC campaign that caused numerous problems with where I would be put in certain teams and events, But I promise you and will reassure you that all is well and I am now more self-reliant and conident and promise not to cause anymore problems with that situation.

I have learned a lot through these passed years and I’m glad to say that I will be able to lead anyone in the leadership academy to become motivated and receptive individuals. I hope you take this letter to consideration due to the time and effort I put into it and I promise I will be one of the best and hard-working Battalion Commanders that ELCHS has ever seen the passed years and will lead others for one day they might be the same.

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