Battle of Badr

10 October 2016

In this, the author has covered the detailed reasons, events and imp developments that preceded this battle. It also include the policy of social by cot and economic blockade for Muslims which subsequently failed. b. Chapter II. The Migration . It include the counter steps by Muslims against Makkan for their brutal designs, include the 1st great alliance of history between Prophet & the Ansars . Followed by the successful migration of holy prophet to

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Makkah. c. Chapter III. The Prophet at Madina. In this chap the author has discussed the changes took place in Madina after Prophet’s arrival e. g estb of brother hood. It also covers the intrigues and disruptionist attempts by Jews to create hostilities, which could not be successful . 3 d. Chapter IV. The Battle. It include the military movements of Muslim and the immediate cause of this battle. The main theme of book is briefly discussed in this chapter i. e. the first confrontation between Muslims & Non believers, which culminated that conflict which could never be resolved less in he battle field. e. Chapter V. The Aftermath. In this the author has given the details of cas from both sides with names. It also incl the verses from the Holy Quran (Sura Al Anfaal) in which this battle is covered in detail. f. Chapter VI. The Epilogue. In this the author has carried out the survey of general situation in Madinah after the muslims victory and its effects on rest of Arabia. 5. Comments on Book. The author has used a very simple language, which is easy to apprehend & understand. The author has developed onto the main theme in a very logical & sequential manner.

Research about the events s very evident and authenticated as ref are taken from and different books of HADITHS. Anyhow for better assimilation author would have include. a. More no of sketches for various events. b. Exact dates. 4 6. Recommendations. It is recommended to be read by all the Muslims since it’s a great attempt to reintroduce us to the gloric Islamic history in its true perspective. 7. Conclusion. It is well written book on the subject and the author has been successful to make us look back on the great event immediately after which Islam emerged as a practical religion.

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