The 340 gallon behemoth carrying 20,000 pounds ot bombs was a great advantage during IwoJima_ Some other new weapons or vehicles were also used In Iwo Jlma. M2 Flamethrower, “Bazookas”, and Browning machine guns are all examples of fairly new guns used at Iwo Jima. Iwo Jima was also an uphill battle. Any uphill battle is hard for the troops at the ottom and easy for the troops at the top.

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Too bad we were at the bottom, but that didn’t matter because we still seeked revenge from Pearl Harbor. Even though we suffered more casualties, our perseverance paid off in the end. Again, we had more casualties because of the uphill battle because the enemy can Just alm down the hill and hit three guys easily. The U. S. had to aim and be precise. Finally, after the battle, Nearly everyone has heard of IwoJima and recognizes the monumental Icon of u. s. servicemen ralslng the American flag on top of mount Suribachi. Surlbachl was a big hill where U.

S. troops had their last fight to conquer the island. The general public understands that this image symbolizes patriotism and valor, even though the picture’s scene decreases the actual experience that the troops encountered. Operation Detachment (code name for the invasion) was the largest marine corps operation ever. The battle ot Iwo Jima was brutal and devastating. The u. s. suffered more casualties

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