Battle Studies by John Mayer

7 July 2019

John Mayer. What do you think of when you hear his name?

Beautiful Voice.


Pretty Boy.

That’s what I think of. Ever since his hit “Daughters”, he has held every teenager’s (and some older women’s) heart in his hands. With his sultry voice and excellent lyrics, he can take the world by storm. And it helps that he’s actually kinda good looking. Or at least I think that.

His new album, Battle Studies, just recently came out. I asked for it, because I’ve tended to like some of his songs, but I’ve never owned one of his albums. I immediately uploaded it onto my iPod. The first song that captured my attention was Half of My Heart, featuring Taylor Swift. Listening to it, I loved it. I’m a huge fan of Taylor, and enjoyed the song. Their voices together sounded great, and this was a great start for me.

Next song is Heartbreak Warfare. It starts out sounding like one of those cell phone commercials, but his voice makes it seem more like a dream. Soon, the chorus comes, and it gets stuck in my head. Catchy.

My favorite is Who Says. The video for this song is fun and makes you feel like you’re in New York City with him. Throughout the song, he asks why he can’t get stoned, or call up a girl he used to know. The chorus is slow and not much more exciting than the verses, but the song is soothing and fun to listen to.

One of the faster and more upbeat songs on the album is Perfectly Lonely. It starts with some great guitar, and this sounds like a typical John Mayer song. His voice sounds great, and I want to hear what comes next in the song.

Another upbeat song is Crossroads. There is just some guitar and drums in the song, and it sounds different than any other song on the album.

After listening to the entire album, I realize this album is a mixture of Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and the John Mayer we all love.

So, go out buy the album, and walk around New York City asking “who says you can’t get stoned and call up a girl you used to know?” You’ll never know what could happen.

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