Battles Of The Civil War Essay Research

7 July 2017

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Battles Of The Civil War Essay Research
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Battles Of The Civil War Essay, Research Paper

John Brown one time said, Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should give up my life for the promotion of the terminals of justness, and mix my blood further with the blood of my kids and with the blood of 1000000s in this slave state whose leotardss are disregarded by wicked, barbarous, and unfair passages, & # 8211 ; I submit ; so allow it be done! He believed that the lone manner to free bondage from the United States was through bloodshed. He was right in stating this because on April 12, 1861, the American Civil War began. It was the most destructive war of all time fought in the Western Hemisphere. In footings of human life it was besides one of the most dearly-won wars.

There were many different grounds for the Civil War, bondage being the prevailing ground. The immediate ground for the Civil War was the battle between the North and South over Fort Sumter. Lincoln had given South Carolina the pick of either allowing the garrison to keep out or unfastened fire with its shore batteries. In answer, the Southerners commenced fire. The onslaught on Fort Sumter and its gaining control angered many Northerners and began a loyal battle to salvage the brotherhood.

One of the first major conflicts of the Civil War was the Battle of Bull Run. Federal military personnels, amounting to 30,000 marched from Washington, D.C. , to assail the Confederate forces positioned near Bull Run Creek at Manassas Junction, Virginia. The Union forces were close to triumph until Confederate supports sent Union military personnels into a retreat back to Washington. This conflict boosted moral of the South and lowered the North s. The North s hope for a short war was shattered.

The B

attle of Antietam illustrates how bloody the Civil War really was. Lee led his ground forces across the Potomac into enemy district. He hoped that a major Confederate triumph in the North would convert Britain to back up the Confederacy. McClellan, commanding officer of the Union ground forces had intercepted Lee s program and the invading Confederates at Antietam Creek. This was the bloodiest twenty-four hours of all conflicts that went on during the Civil War. Entire casualties for both sides amounted up to over 26,000 work forces, either being killed, wounded, captured or losing.

The Battle of Gettysburg was besides one of the bloodiest conflicts. On July 1,1863 Lee and the Confederate ground forces surprised the Federal soldiers at Gettysburg. Through the yearss of conflict much of the Confederate ground forces was destroyed because of Lee s finding to win the war. Much of the Confederates were left for dead and the few that remained alive retreated to Virginia. This conflict was one of the most important conflicts of the war and besides one of the bloodiest. The figure of casualties was the greatest for this conflict, adding up to over 50,000 work forces killed, wounded, losing or captured.

A month before Lee surrendered his ground forces President Lincoln was assassinated. His blackwash shocked and horrified many. This was the concluding act of ferociousness during the clip period of the Civil war.

John Brown was right in stating that the lone manner to free the United States of bondage is through bondage. The combat between the North and South over slavery provinces and slavery free-states had to stop. Through the loss of lives, the devastation of land and places, and the blackwash of the president the Americans rid themselves of bondage

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