Bayaning 3rd World Synopsis Essay Sample

10 October 2017

It was all about doing a movie about Dr. Jose Rizal as our National Hero where the movie shapers Ricky Davao and Cris Villanueva were believing what would be the rubric of the movie they will do. And they come up with a detective narrative wherein they will look into if Rizal is truly a Hero. which implies that they were in uncertainty of Rizal being our Hero.

Furthermore. they have many inquiries on their head that needs an reply. First. who is Rizal? National Hero. the great Malayan. the first Filipino Indio assassin and the pride of Malay race. What is Rizal? One peso coin. even though ever devalued ever figure one. Small but Terrible. In the twelvemonth 1904 Gregorio Aglipay. monopoly of Catholic Church. construct his ain church and made Rizal as their saint. Similarly. group of Filipinos specifically cult praised him and made him as their Godhead. Second. did Rizal marry Josephine Bracken? They say that Rizal marries Josephine but there was no documental grounds that will turn out that they were truly married.

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The Friars said that Rizal can get married Josephine merely if he will compose a abjuration paper. Jose Rizal did compose a abjuration while he was in Dapitan but there was no signature of him. So. Rizal did non get married Josephine. However. they truly love each other and both live in Dapitan and have a kid but unluckily died. Third. did Rizal subscribe a abjuration paper? This was the most controversial issue. There was a abjuration paper made but the text and signature of Rizal were non echt. Possibly. The Jesuits imitates it. In the interview of Father Balaguer. he said that Rizal retract and confess. If Rizal truly retracts and declares himself as Catholic. it means that he abjure with all his bosom whatever in his words. Hagiographas. publications and behavior has been contrary to his character as boy of the Catholic Church.

In instance that Rizal truly abjure. he is genuinely a coward but the truth was revealed in his written novels. essays. verse forms and declaration against the Spanish authorities with his strong finding and ain beliefs. And through his plants and Hagiographas there was no uncertainty to Dr. Jose Rizal. He is genuinely a great National Hero.

Bayaning 3rd World is a movie directed by Mike de Leon starring Ricky Davao as Filmmaker 1. Cris Villanueva as Filmmaker 2. Joel Torre as Jose Rizal. Lara Fabregas as Josephine Bracken. Daria Ramirez as Dona Teodora. Rio Locsin as Trining. Cherry Pie Picache as Narcisa. Lui Manansala as Maria. Joonee Gamboa as Paciano. Ed Rocha as Padre Balaguer. Lawrence David as Rebel Leader. Jay Espano as Pio Valenzuela. Bon Vibar as Padre Vilaclara. Edru Abraham as Padre Obach. Keno Agaro as Rizal at 7. Jan Alexis Rutaquio as Rizal at 14. Benjamin Barcellano as Rizal at Luneta. Kenneth Bruan as Andres Bonifacio / Katipunan Neophyte. Max Newton as Edward Gross / Senor Taufer. Jonic Magno as Gross’ Rizal / Yearsley’s Cameraman. Aimee Murillo as Gross’ Bracken. Julie Galino as Mrs. Gross. Jun Pamfilo as Gross’ Cameraman. Wilfredo J. Calderon as Gross’ Billboard Artist ( as Wilfredo Calderon ) . Morris Hamsi as Albert Yearsley. Nor Domingo as Yearsley’s Rizal. Jesus Diaz Ramirez as Squadron Leader. Richard Khab as Yearsley’s Jesuit Priest. Wylie Casero as Production Assistant 1. Ana Agabin as Production Assistant 2. Liza de Ocampo as Production Assistant 3. Manolito Bolpa as Production Assistant 4. Xox as Filmmaker’s Dog. Alessandra Rigon as Manuela Orlac. Ermie Concepcion as Seance Medium. Ronnie Martinez as Cult Leader and Bella Llaban as Flor Contemplacion.

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