Bb Cream

12 December 2016

BB Cream The product I choose to analyze the topic about Buying Decision Process is BB Cream. BB Cream is known as Blemish Balm which is the popular cosmetic product in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many Asian districts. It is not only skincare product but also make-up product. People use BB cream to replace the make-up base, concealer and even foundation. It is similar to normal foundation but with healing properties. BB Cream also provide so many effects such as UVA/UVB protection, skin hydration etc.

It makes a clean and natural skin tone by being absorbed into skin with a soft feel after use. Since the market demand of BB Cream is increase day by day. Many brands with different kinds of BB Cream were provided choices for customer. In Hong Kong, it is not hard to recognize the availability of new products. On the street it is easily receive leaflets and even the sample of BB Cream. Some posters are also local on the advertising board with smart and attractive slogan. It seem to be BB Cream is a new trend of necessary make-up material. The Customer would be recognized about BB Cream .

When I have increase to BB Cream. I would pay more attention to the product information, and the common of beauty column. Actively search the Web with user’s sharing. As more information my awareness of available brands increase. To choose BB Cream on Evaluation of Alternatives, I would interested in three attributes—–effects, ingredients, and price. Then compare each other carefully. Effects should be the most important evaluation factor. Such as one of Korean brand, MOGGI has skin hydration effect while another Korean brand, MISSHA has no skin hydration effect. Base on my need, I tend to choose the former one.

In the stage of purchase decision, I have been preferred MOGGI is the brand of my choice. The ingredients and price of MOGGI’s BB Cream are acceptable and the service provide of staff is good. Therefore I have done my purchase choice. After purchase I am satisfied with the performance of BB Cream as my expectation. The brand news are always been send to my email with offering discounts. I am willing to repurchase the BB Cream in MOGGI. There are lots of factor may influence the Buying Decision Process. If the advertising and promotion is not enough, consumer may not be recognize the BB Cream.

In the consumer searching information process, consumer may get the wrong information from the Internet. The reference groups are not always give the right suggestion, such as they may have bias on some brand name. The reputation of the brand also the one of the influence factors. If one of the ingredients is harmful to human, the buying decision would stop immediately. During purchasing the sale skills of salesperson should effects the results. If the salesperson tends to sale another kind of BB Cream or serving rudely, customer should change the buying decision.

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