Be Here Now

6 June 2019

Through thick and thin Oasis has still managed to create excellent music. The band broke up at one point due to a dispute between two members who are brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher. But they managed to get back together, create a new album and rock audiences once again. The band itself is a living contradiction: they create extraordinary music, but the band is rotten, with Liam and Noel causing problems. It would be horrible if the band had to break up again and sacrifice their music due to their immature actions. They received an award once and swore right onstage. The two brothers and the rest of the band are great musicians, but if they continue to act like this, the band may get sick of them and break up once and for all. The band is originally from Great Britain. They are one of the greatest British bands since the Beatles. If you have listened to their other two CDs, “Definitely Maybe” or “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” you know their music is truly stimulating. The band’s newest release, “Be Here Now,” featuring the hit song, “D’You Know What I Mean,” rose to the top of the charts. The album features 12 songs which are all amazing. It is a great CD to listen to. You can play all the way through, and like every song. If you are looking for a good CD to buy, this is the one. Everyone who owns it will testify how truly fabulous it is. Each recording has its special qualities. My favorite songs are “Be Here Now” and “Don’t Go Away.” Two other really good ones are “My Big Mouth” and “Magic Pie.” One factor that makes this album so good is Oasis’ ability to have variety in its songs. One song is very heavy, purely rock and roll while another is mellow, soft rock. The rest of the songs range somewhere in between. Some parts are very good, yet others need work. But the overall effect of each song is good. There are unique effects added to the beginnings of a few songs. They are interesting but not necessary. Certain sections drag on longer than they should. Other things though, like the guitar work and some of the percussion, are praiseworthy. Anybody who likes rock music should make this their next music purchase. Even if you did not even like Oasis that much, you would still like this CD because of its content – 12 beautifully written and awe-inspiring songs on a single CD

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