Be Here Now

7 July 2019

One of the most popular rock bands, Oasis, has finally released a follow-up album to their hit, “What’s the Story, Morning Glory.” Oasis was having trouble with bad publicity, yet still wrote this awesome album. “What’s the Story, Morning Glory” is one tough act to follow, but “Be Here Now” is still a great album. Though not as popular, “Be Here Now” does contain some powerful and moving songs. This album has a variety of styles of rock from ’60s rock to the ’90s alternative rock. The first off this album, “D’you Know What I Mean,” has become a virtual teen anthem. It deals with growing up in a not-so-good neighborhood and knowing that people don’t care about you. The other hit, “Don’t Go Away,” is one of the most relaxing and meaningful songs I’ve ever heard. It is about being in a relationship and having a lot to say, but not being able to say what you mean, or always saying the wrong things. I would be tempted to compare Oasis to one of the greatest British rock bands ever to take the stage, The Beatles. Oasis’s albums bring you back to the original rock style, mixed in with modern upbeat styles. They’ve gained fans in both the U.S. and the U.K. with their expressive and symbolic lyrics. If you’re into ’60s and ’70s rock, but still enjoy alternative and punk music, I definitely recommend this album. .

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