Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty

8 August 2019

After four years of absence from the music world, the Beastie Boys explode onto the scene with their new release, “Hello Nasty.” This CD is filled with 22 addictive tracks that will get you singing a different one each day. Like the traditional Beastie Boys, they add several cameos by other artists (such as rapper Biz Markle) to the mix. They also include multiple samples, ranging from a clip from Spanish musician, Tito Puente, to the message left on the Beastie Boys’ answering machine by newcomer Mix Master Mike. And for all of the loyal Beastie Boys fans who may be frustrated by the delay between CDs, you will find that it was definitely worth it.The stimulating beat of “Super Disco Breakin”‘ starts the album with a burst and the beats keep coming with the second and third tracks, “The Move” and “Remote Control.” The CD changes pace with the slow beat of “Song For The Man,” but gets right back to work with the strong beats and lyrics of “Just A Test,” “Body Movin” and fan-favorite “Intergalactic” (which features a robotic-like chorus).

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The album then slows back down with the first instrumental, “Sneakin’ Out The Hospital” and the rap-oriented track “Putting Shame In Your Game.” A brief output of energy is then injected with two songs: “Three MC’s And One DJ” in which Beastie Boys’ rookie Mixmaster Mike and his thunderous turntable debuts and the powerful chorus of “The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin).” The album ends with three slow songs: “Dedication,” “Dr. Lee PhD” and “Instant Death,”So, in conclusion I would give “Hello Nasty” four and a half out of five stars, only because it ends softly. If you are interested in finding more information about this CD or the Beastie Boys, you can sign on to their website:

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