7 July 2019

Beating Heart Baby/by Head Automatica

I’m outrageously in love with this song and band. I more then recommend it as the best song ever. It’s so unpredictable I cant stop singing to it, as well listing to it. Once I listned to it I was in love with the band and baught all of there songs. Even the band name sounds different yet interesting “Head Automatica.”

My sister Raven had itroduced me to there reistence music. My mouth dropped, the only words that had came out was “that was the sickest, bombest, doppest song ever.” Right then and there I was in love. I insist my friends and whom ever reads this should check them out. My favorite part of Beating Heart’s is when lead singer blah blah says “In spite of you Even out of view Still I love all of you” I think its so romantic in a rockish way.

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Just hearing them, the band inspires me to go to one of there concerts.

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