Beautiful a Song by Eminem

7 July 2017

Mine -Beautiful I chose the song beautiful by Mine because it portraits his feelings as a singer ,how his life is difficult and how he wishes for sometimes to be Just an ordinary person, to be treated as others and how he’s going through a tough time yet he is also speaking towards his audience telling them that if he is capable of doing things like not giving up then so are we, if he managed to do the things he did after everybody told him he couldn’t or the things he went through he wouldn’t be who he is.

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Point here being don’t let anybody tell you aren’t beautiful, stay true to you and onto let anybody pull you down.. What I feel Mine is trying to say in this song is that we all go through bad things in our life, we all go through things that are tough to experience in their time but we shouldn’t let them determine who we are or what we become like in the chorus I mentioned earlier in the first paragraph. That part is very true we should all stay true to ourselves no matter what, though at times we would like others to experience our pain, too look into our eyes to know what’s going on but we can’t.

He also mentions there’s times in our life where we didn’t ask for things we had to go through , there’s times where we wished things would change to our favor and we would be happy, but they never did, we had to learn our lessons through the bumps , the cuts and the bruises. In the end we all got back up and here we are, we made it back from where we were, we got to the place where they said we couldn’t get. Mine used some metaphors here I believe the walking in each other’s shoes is one of them, and another though I forgot which one it is.

He also uses lot of slang in order to be able to make the connection with his audience. Mine talks about his life in most of his songs, yet they all (or most of them) portrait a special message or meaning in them which generally is don’t give up, get back up, you can make things happen, take the opportunities you get because they only happen once and other inspirational thoughts. Most of his audience is at a young age ranging usually from 13 to 20 year olds who can identify themselves with all this , I can say I am one of them another reason why I chose this song.

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