Beautiful Things by Grace VanderWaal

10 October 2019

January 15, 2004 a star was born in the town of Lenexa, Kansas. Conducting her first song at three. Then Moving into a smallish town on the edge ofNew York and finds her passion to play a ukulele, now at the age of twelve, going on stage to the biggest talent show in the world. She is now creating an album with her own written music. Grace VanderWaal, the next big star or claimed as the new Taylor Swift.
Grace VanderWaal, born in the town of Lenexa, Kansas in the year of 2004, later moving into Suffern, New York. As she moved into New York she went on to learn how to play the ukulele from a family friend and Grace even started her own Youtube channel. With her small ukulele, Grace went on to sing at open mic nights near her town of Suffern and sang some of her own music or of other artists.

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Beautiful Things by Grace VanderWaal
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As Grace goes on to get her name known with some smaller towns, she took a bigger step. A step onto the stage of one of the biggest talent shows in the world, America’s Got Talent.
On June 7, 2016 Grace strolled into A whole new world with a variety of talent. Stepping to the mic, she sang one of her own pieces, “I Don’t Know My Name”. After the performance she left the crowed jumping to their feet with cheers and gleaming smiles. As the crowd calmed the judges made their comments and gave her four yeses. Although she got the four yeses the biggest award was the golden buzzer pressed by Howie Mandel, one of the impressed judges.As the crowded stirred once again Simon Cowell made the comment, “you are the next Taylor Swift.”, he stated. As the show continued Grace got a free ride to Semi- Finals with her golden buzzer. August 23, 2016 she entered the stage once again with her ukulele she sang out to the people another time; singing another of her songs, “Beautiful Things”, a song about self confidence and self love. Once again the judges adored and the crowd raved about her, now moving onto the final round.With a black stencilled background and a once again her ukulele she sung out one more time on the stage of talent, singing another of original masterpieces, “Clay”. The song she said was a gift to her sister and how you shouldn’t let other people define you. With her last performance Grace took the win with her popular song, “Clay”. The auditions leaving the crowd hungry for more.
As her last audition wrapped up and soon after Grace signed a contract with “Columbia Record”, to make her new album recording starting in october 2016. “I Don’t Know My Name” took the music boards by storm; Billboards Digital Song Sales Chart at No. 34 also taking No.24 on Bubbling Under Hot chart.” I Don’t Know My Name”, is a catchy tune about being the person you truly are, not being afraid to change for yourself, talking about changing looks and activities to find what makes a person happy. The song with a simple beat and a repetition of lyrics until the end giving song a reason to stick in someone’s mind for days at a time. The song leading her to fame and a small girls dream come true.
a small girl conducting songs since three made it big. Stepping onto one of the biggest stages in America; winning it with thousand of fans and four special judges. Now creating her own album at the age of twelve and taking the world by storm. A girl with a dream, Grace Vanderwaal the next Taylor Swift.

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