Beauty Andthe Beast Story and Film Comparison

3 March 2017

Beauty and the Beast: Marie Le Prince de Beaumont story vs. Disney film In Europe, the 1700’s was a different time than present day America in which Marie Le Prince de Beaumont’s and Disney’s version of the text of Beauty and the Beast was written and made. To begin with, Europe in the 1700’s was very religion based, meaning that God always came first no matter the situation and has been a dominant thought in shaping the future for Europe. The order of priorities in that time in Europe was God, the Monarchy or royal family, and then comes the rest of a person’s priorities.

A monarchy always has a royal family in which there is a king or queen, princes and princesses and they do little to no work while the poor did all the work. In preset day in America, there are no monarchies in a democracy and the harder a person works in life then the better off that person will be in succeeding. The Disney version of the Beauty and the Beast seems like it follows the original text by de Beaumont almost scene by scene just by glancing at the two. Each is aimed at the same audience which is young kids, both follow the same plot line and they also have a happy ending.

Beauty Andthe Beast Story and Film Comparison Essay Example

But the farther the audience looks into the culture of the film and the text, the audience will then notice that each of these stories have little to nothing in common with each other. In the original Beauty and the Beast, by Marie Le Prince de Beaumont, she uses the culture from the time period and place in which she wrote the story which was the 1730’s in Europe. She used this culture to relate to her audience at the time. The Disney version of the story uses cultures from all over the world to relate to the audience and give them a perspective of how Americans view the rest of the world as a society.

The underline message from each of the stories is different and is conflicting from the original text to the Disney film. One character that is the opposite to each other from the original story to the Disney film is the character known as Beast in each of the texts. In the original story, Beast portrays an American stereotypical prince in Europe from the 1700’s who can be seen as rich and usually a person who gets whatever he wants if he begs for it. American culture views Beast as not a man, but in Europe at the time the text was written, Beast was considered a man because of his wealth and royalty.

Although Beast is ugly in the story because of the curse, Beast has many feminine characteristics from the American culture that he shows as he is weak, kind, considerate and also a bit desperate at times, but in Europe at the time considered this very masculine. If the Beast from the original story was put in the present American society though, then Beast would not be respected as a man whatsoever and would not succeed there. On the other hand, the Beast from Disney’s film of the Beauty and the Beast, defines how an American man should be but without all the hair he may have.

Beast has all the classifications of a man with him strong, dominate, and a provider. Beast can also be considered kind-hearted because when the audience sees his bright blue eyes, they can tell he has good in his heart. The audience can tell the characters are almost exact opposites by how Beast treats Beauty or Belle (Disney movie version of Beauty) in the two texts. In the original story, Beast can be considered a sweetheart to Beauty because he carries a conversation all the time with her, compliments her, and wins her over as a good friend.

Beast is also exceptionally patient with her, but also sounds awfully desperate as he asks her to marry him numerous times, even though she says no every time to Beast except for the last time. On the other hand, Beast in the Disney movie has a very bad temper with Belle as he becomes extremely frustrated and impatient with her causing her to be afraid of him. With him scaring her, Beast shows his dominant side because he is afraid to show any weaknesses. This is also another characteristic of a man in American’s society. What wins Belle over for the Beast is when he saves her from the wolves attacking Belle.

Belle is very similar to how women react to men in the America society by her practically falling for him after Beast saves her life. In other words, the two Beast characters are opposites of one another and are revealed by how he treats Beauty or Belle and how Beauty or Belle reacts to his actions. The other main character in the two stories is Beauty or Belle, and the two characters are very similar in characteristics as they each represent how a woman in their time can be different than the other women in each of their respectable societies.

Both of these characters are sweet and kind to everybody no matter the person, smart as they each read books all day and judged by doing so in each text, obedient to her father or her family no matter the situation and also her most important feature is that she is beautiful on the inside and out and the reason why she is called Beauty or Belle, which is French for beauty. The difference between the two though is how the two characters present themselves in the public. Beauty represents a typical European woman from the 1700’s when she presents herself in public as she is extremely soft-spoken and humble as can be.

Belle in contrast represents the typical American, female teenager as she is rebellious against society, can be considered a daddy’s girl because she will do anything for her dad, and also outspoken as she talks to almost everyone she can. These two characters each represent how women in their society are represented by presenting themselves. Also this shows how much the culture of the different time periods are not the same and how one has changed significantly over time.

As women have gone from timid and quiet in the 1700’s society in Europe they have evolved to open and opinionated in present day American society and they have also become more rebellious against society as time has went on. In the original Beauty and the Beast by de Beaumont, the author uses the culture in the story in which she was familiar with which was Europe in the 1700’s. She uses how a prince and a princess will act and how they are portrayed in her society at the time and the two also represent the monarchy style of government.

Disney’s version of Beauty and the Beast on the other hand uses cultures from all over the world in the time. For instance, the teapot in the movie, who is also called Mrs. Potts, represents the British culture in how her language is and how she is the stereotypical refined nanny. She proves this by how she is in charge of most of the operations that are going on in the castle. Mrs. Potts represents just one of the many cultures that are exemplified in the movie. Another that signifies the British culture is the character known as Clockswork.

He has the characteristics of a typical British man in which he is very punctual because his body is a clock, proper by how he presents himself, and also loyal because he does not disrespect his master who is Beast. Another culture that is represented in the movie significantly is the French culture. For example, the candle, or Luminar, symbolizes the French man in the way he talks and uses his language to be a very passionate person. The French man that is known in the American society is also very sexual, omantic and can be considered a lover. Luminar has all of these characteristics of the French man and are symbolized from the fire in which he has. The duster, although was not shown much in the movie, represents the typical French woman in how they are clean and also very flirty with men. The last culture that is portrayed in the movie is the typical American kid, who is the little cup and also known as Chip. This kid is very curious about all of the occurrences that are going on in the castle and cannot help but try and see what is going on.

With the different cultures in the movie of Beauty and the Beast, Americans would then have a view on how the different societies in the world are and how they act. Even though both of these stories of Beauty and the Beast follow the same plot line and are directed to the same audience in their time period, they still are very different in how they illustrate the cultures in the text and they show how the cultures have changed over time. The original Beauty and the Beast only demonstrates the European culture from the 1700’s while the Disney movie of Beauty and the Beast displays many cultures in Europe and in America.

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