Beauty Pageants

4 April 2017

This movie made me very upset. I found myself, while watching it, lashing back at the screen with comments of disgust. The whole beauty pageant thing is something that I do not understand that much about. To me it seems ridiculous; placing girls in a competition over their looks, which at times their looks are fake with the outfits, the make up, the fake tans, and the fake teeth. It does not represent what a young child really looks like. I am also upset with the fact that the parents in these videos were willing to spend all of this money for a pageant, when the money could be put to better use for example school.

Sure, the children may be taking singing lessons, but whose to say their voice is not going to change as they get older. In addition, it seems that the kids do not have a choice in the matter; it is what the parents want.

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Honestly, the only thing the children are getting out of this experience is a crown and possibly a bad attitude. What I mean about bad attitude is that they develop the self-vision that they are better than others are, and they deserve different treatment. It just frustrates me to see how some of these girls turn into such pre Madonna’s.

The girls in the movie seemed to have no social life, their whole time is spent around the pageant, practicing, making everything perfect for their next competition. It is not as if they are associating with any of the other kids inside the pageant, so they are not developing the people skills that they will need later in life. Watching this video, only made me hate beauty pageants even more. I am sure there could be a slight possibility that something beneficial can come out of these pageants, but I would most likely not place my children in a pageant.

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