Because the Internet by Childish Gambino

10 October 2019

Childish Gambino demonstrates his ability to intrigue listeners and surpass superficial rap material on his sophomore album, “Because the Internet.” Not only does the album have catchy lyrics and beats, it dives deep into Gambino’s inner thoughts. The album as a whole functions as the story of a boy discovering the depths of technology, and taps into Gambino’s talent not only as a rapper but as a writer.

“V. 3005,” the released single for the album, appeals to even mass radio audiences. The hook, “I’ll be right by your side ’til 3005, hold up” rings after each verse and seems to repeat even after the song ends. The beat stands out from the others on the album.

In “Sweatpants” Gambino addresses his haters and demonstrates his comedic side. He describes rich people through the eyes of onlookers and makes fun of the ego they feel he has. In “The Worst Guys,” Gambino addresses the setbacks of fame: “Man, I hate y’all, you only come around when you want to play pool in my hot tub.

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” It is evident he is still adjusting to fame and recognizes the downside to success.

Overall, “Because the Internet” excels lyrically and highlights Gambino’s artistic confidence and flow. A 76-page script and 25-minute short film, “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons,” accompany the album, further revealing Gambino’s artistic genius and dedication to his message. The script, film, and songs together make “Because the Internet” an audio journey rather than a conglomeration of lyrics and beats. The album is worth not only a download but a careful listen by anyone open to hearing it.

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