Becoming an Agile Competitor with Strategic It

1 January 2017

Becoming an agile competitor with Strategic IT Nowadays, people involve in an organization realizes IT as one of the trends that needs to be followed. Without it, some assume that the organization or business will still move effectively and efficiently while others say it lead them to a downfall. As we can see and observe, IT is not only a trend but also a need to every company, organization or even a simple entity in order for them to organized, established, bloom and accelerate. Years have passed, old traditions in an organizations or business are becoming obsolete that makes the existing entity less and less efficient and competent.

In competing today, one must apply IT solutions in order for them to unload jobs, making them easier and less complicated to understand. But it’s not just applying IT solutions but one must apply it together with strategy in order for it to produce good output that would satisfy not just the one who produce but also the end-user. In today’s generation, there are lots of competitors to compete with which has a more high technology gadgets, tools and even ideas that help them to become more productive.

Becoming an Agile Competitor with Strategic It Essay Example

In making an entity or business more productive, effective and profitable, one should include trhe key ingredient, that is, IT or Strategic IT, as Suresh Kumar had said in the article. Strategic IT help makes the re-engineering process work perfectly to make a business or even the organization within it becomes creative, high quality, high performance and customer satisfying. But all of this is just my point of view, how about your side? Do you also think that IT plays a major and important role in our society, business or organization? Only you can tell.

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