Being a president

Being a president is a big responsibility that requires lot wisdom. In order to be a good president we have to be selfless and have an experience of leadership. Some people want to get that title just to be famous and others to make their country better. The history has shown that the most successful president in the world came mostly from a poor family, they have experienced the suffering of the people they mixed with.

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Being a president
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If i were a president of my country i will change the economical situation of my country and improve the education. The economical situation of my country is catastrophic. Even though we have many resorts such as Iron, oil and Fiche. Mauritania is the 3 rd richest country in fish but because of the despotism, nepotism and favoritism the people of the country have not benefited of that resort. We also have oil and iron.

The longest train in the world is in Mauritania but it is pointless unfortunately. For instance, instead of transporting the iron it transport troops sometimes people. In short, my country is a rich country but because of the people that rule the government it’s still a poor country. The most important thing to change a country is the education. Money does not necessary mean development. We’ve seen countries with a lot of oil but with archaic mentality. Education is important because it will change the mentality of people and make them know what they need to do in order to succeed.

Once people get educated everything can change and by the contribution of everyone. Everyone will have some input and translate his or her talent to make that country change and that’s what my country need. In summary, education is the best way to the development. In conclusion, being a president is not only an honorable title but also a big reasonability that needs to be taken care of.

If i were a president i will change many things, but education and education remains the most important thing. I believe that all of that can change by education nonetheless. Nation became powerful by education we are in the science era. People get high by being well educated. Countries like my country are rid but the country that used to be the colonizer always takes their resources. They set up coups, defrauding the elections. They should rule that what they call neocolonialism, so people. If I were a president I would change all of that.

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