Being a Team Player

5 May 2017

With this topic that I pick is team player. In this paper I will be discussing and arguing my point of view of what a team player is. How a team player is valuable to a company or in school. I will also go into a debate of the dislikes and likes of a team player. When is the best time to be a team player? So hopefully after reading this paper you will be able to understand my point of view on the team player. Team Player When you go to Dictionary. om and look up the definition team player you will ind that there are several definitions to a team player. You can say that a team player is someone that carries his or her own weight. A worker or a student that always goes above and beyond of what is expected of him or her. A person that can function on a Job and complete all tasks that are given. Or you can have your own definition of what a team player means to you. TEAM PLAYER In any company or any aspect of life you will need team players it maybe in the workplace or in school.

Team players can be very valuable in the workplace when rying to get assignments done so you can leave on time or before the scheduled shift. A team player can also get promotions or other recognitions for being a team player. Likes and Dislikes You may find that in most cases that 90% of the time that people love a team player. But then you will always have those that don’t like a team player. The likes of a team player are that they are dependable. They are always willing to take on more work than others.

Being a Team Player Essay Example

They are able to complete assignment on or before the due dates. In the classroom team players are liked due to the fact that they will help other students that have not quite grasped the concept that the teacher has taught the teacher will use the team player to help in the classroom. The team player in a classroom setting in most cases is labeled as a teacher’s pet. Most of the times the assignments are done with perfection. Then on the other hand you will have those people that don’t like a team player due to the fact that they will always get recognitions.

They are lways called out on the good work that they have accomplished or how that team player has helped on a project in the classroom or in the workplace. Doing more work than the average worker. Some workers see this as a threat to their Job. The worker may also feel as though there Job is at Jeopardy. If the work is in a high position they can be demoted due to the team player that is doing more than what is expected. Valuable In many ways I will say that a team player is valuable. They are valuable to a company because in most cases the team player keeps the company afloat.

In many companies the President, CEO, or supervisors always want to keep their team players. Some companies will not let their valuable player go due to competition. Being a valuable asset is very important because it looks good a resume that you are part of a team and that you can work well with others. In most companies you have to be a team player to help the company succeed. So by the potential employer already seeing this on a resume is a plus.

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