Being late

7 July 2016

Some people would describe being on time as ‘old fashioned’, but it’s not in the slightest way ‘old-fashioned’, because actually it’s nothing to do with ‘fashion’ or ‘generation’. It’s got all to do with basic good manners and respect for other people. Nowadays, a meeting set to start at 8am, seems to mean for some people in the general vicinity of any time which starts with the numeral 8. Like 8:30am for example. People come in at 8:15 or even later, smiling at the waiting group, apparently unconcerned that others have been there on time, all prepared and ready to start.

It’s rude and selfish behaviour. Think of it this way: Being late for 30 minutes while having 10 people waiting for you actually means 30 times 10, which is 300. 300 minutes or 5 hours wasted, by you! Sure, sometimes being late is inevitable even with the best intentions. We’ve all been subject to powers beyond our control – talking tedious traffic jams and utterly disruptive train strikes But never plan to be late because you think your stuff is more important than other’s, that’s simply rude and inconsiderate.

Being late Essay Example

Serial lateness certainly is a character flaw as it reveals lack of selfdiscipline or an inability to get organised. It’s almost guaranteed to stunt your career as it’s often taken into account when it comes to deciding who to promote or to hire and even who to count as a real friend. When you’re late on a regular basis, people stop taking you seriously and you cause a lot of frustration not only for those who you work with but also for yourself because no one wants to be seen as unreliable and uncommitted, but that is exactly what will happen.

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