4 April 2015
This paper reviews the book “Bel-Ami” by Guy de Maupassant.

A review of Guy de Maupassant’s Bel-Ami. Specifically, it discusses and explains the roles of women in Bel-Ami using examples from the book. The author illustrates how Maupassant shows total disregard for women in this story, and uses them as symbols for the stupid and naive. The writer concludes that Bel-Ami is a purely selfish man, preying upon weak women to move himself up in life.
The first woman encountered in the novel is Madeline Forestier, wife of Duroy’s friend and mentor. Mme. Forestier had gray eyes, a small nose, full lips, and a rather heavy chin, an irregular, attractive face, full of gentleness and yet of malice (Maupassant Chapter II). This early hint of malice will come back later in the book, and sets her tone very early. She is not quite trustworthy, although see seems trustworthy enough. Maupassant sets the reader against her early, to carry this through to the end of the novel.

The next woman introduces is Clotilde, Mme. de Marelle. She was a dainty brunette, attired in a simple, dark robe; a red rose in her black tresses seemed to accentuate her special character, and a young girl, or rather a child, for such she was, followed her (Maupassant Chapter II).”

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