Believe Acoustic by Justin Bieber

6 June 2019

Believe Acoustic

Canadian pop artist Justin Bieber has done it again. Seven month after releasing his 6th album entitled “Believe” Justin recently released a follow-up album, “Believe Acoustic.” Believe Acoustic is filled with a combination of songs from new tunes, a live version, to three new singles. This album will have anyone humming his tunes all day.

Justin is known for his a fast and up beat songs like Baby, and Beauty and a Beat. In this album he slows it down particularly in “Nothing Like Us” written about his break-up with his ex-girlfriend, actress and singer Selena Gomez. Justin did a really good job of putting heartfelt lyrics into this song that made you feel his pain and distress. His voice and the instruments seemed to “click” in perfectly like puzzle pieces. One lyric that was a dead giveaway this song was written about Selena was “Babe.” When Justin and Selena dated he called her babe as a nickname. That, and the fact he even said it was about their break-up.

Another song that was well done was “Yellow Raincoat.” In this song Justin sings about how “The fame, and the money, and the money, and the girls drive him crazy” sometimes. He refers to the “Yellow Raincoat” as a cover up for him when he is getting stressed out or really upset. This song almost makes who ever listening to it feel bad for him about how cruel the media can be to celebrities.

Though Believe Acoustic lacks the idea of any “theme,” it honestly doesn’t need one. It’s so good even without any theme going for it. Another thing this album lacks is a “bad” song. Justin does an un-belieb-able job of entertaining you with not only amazing lyrics, but awesome, well thought out tunes.

Overall, Believe Acoustic is an amazing album that will turn you into a belieber by the end of the day. Magnificent percussion, awesome lyrics, and great songs easily score this album a 10 decibel beliebers scream. “Glice” going Justin!

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