Believe Album by Disturbed

10 October 2019

After Disturbed had their BIG hit with The Sickness in 2000-2001, They quickly followed it with the new Album “Believe”. Releasing on September 17, 2002, it was not as heavy metal as The Sickness album as this was a religiouskind of music at this time. Even the cover art is so religious, In keeping with the lyrical themes, the album cover features symbols of major religions, including the Jewish Star of David, the Islamic crescent, the Wiccan pentacle, and the Christian cross. Draiman explained the meaning of the symbol on stage during the Music as a Weapon II Tour: “The symbol that you see elevated above the set behind me is a symbol of universal belief.” So what I am gonna do is give my review on this album and pick my top 3 songs you should listen to from this album.

The first song is the most popular song from this album, the song is named “Prayer”. With this song showing you how not so metal this album would be, with that in mind, this song is one of Disturbed’s most popular songs. The song is about David (the singer) having a conversation with God. The song is a good song to headbang to. In my opinion, this song is the best song on the album for headbanging.

Believe Album by Disturbed Essay Example

The next song is the song this album is named after “Believe”. Judgeing from the lyrics in the song, I think what he’s talking about is all those people that claim to be faithful but continue to do wrong in spite of their religion. He says in the lyrics, “Believe, when you lie. You will never need to recognize the source Of deceit To renew your faith in God You must believe, in your lie”. Which means he has seen some people do wrong even when their religon does not condone that.

The last song I want to tell you about may put a tear in your eyes, “Darkness” is what “The Sound of Silence” was but in 2002 and a lot more dark and sad. This song has the worst meaning to it, just before Believe was to hit the stores, David’s Grandpa died, him and David were really close together and David was not happy to see him go, This has to the best song to anybody who is down and depressed. I suggest anyone who is down to check this song out. I was depreesed one day and I listen to this song and it made me cry a lot. Some of the lyrics make you want to tear up. Words like “Carry me away I need your strength To get me through this Dare to believe For one last time And then I’ll let the Darkness cover me”. It is not for people who are happy, this song will change your mood in 2 seconds if not 1 second.

This album may not be the best album to have a heavy metal party with. But it is a good album and great songs all around, I suggest you check out this album/songs and see if you like the less metal side of Disturbed.

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