Ben Folds Five The Unauthorized Bio …

1 January 2020

The newest CD by one of my favoritegroups, Ben Folds Five, surprised me. The songs are verydifferent from their usual style and almost annoying. Half areexcellent while the other half are disappointing. Songs like”Mess,” “Magic,” “Don’t Change YourPlans” and “Lullabye” are excellent and typicalof the unique band which calls its style “dorky punkrock.” The songs that disappointed me are”Narcolepsy” (which becomes so repetitive I skippast it every time), “Your Redneck Past,””Jane” and “Regrets.” These songs aresimilar to the improvised songs Ben Folds Five performs inconcert and on their CD, “Naked Baby Photos.” Theyseem quickly written and lack the musical complexity the bandusually conveys so well. Ben Folds Five is an extremelytalented band with Ben Folds on piano, Darren Jesse on drumsand Robert Sledge on stand-up bass. Due to the lack of a bassguitar and the addition of a piano, Ben Folds Five has awonderful sound that catches one’s attention. Ben Folds is thelead vocalist and writes their songs. His voice is amazing andhis lyrics memorable; in the “Last Polka” on theirfirst CD, Ben writes, “The cruelest lies are often toldwithout a word and the kindest truths are often spoken butnever heard.” Their music has sparked my interest enoughto purchase all their CDs and see them in concert three times.They are unbelievable in concert and their three previous CDsare great, but unfortunately, I do not think their latest CDis an accurate portrayal of their talent. If you arethinking of purchasing a Ben Folds Five CD, buy an older one.I am convinced you will develop an interest in their musicalstyle.

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