Benedict Arnold Hero

6 June 2017

The technical definition of a hero according to dictionary. com is “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. ” My definition of a hero is somebody that utilizes his courage and knowledge to accomplish a task. A hero shows must bravery and faces challenges and is able to overcome them and help others around him/her to overcome their personal challenges. A hero is somebody that others look up to and somebody that people remember throughout time for their actions. A war hero is more specifically emembered for their actions during battle.

The Battles of Saratoga are remembered specifically for being huge turning points in the American Revolutionary War. During the first battle, Major General Benedict Arnold held command of the American left wing. The battle took place on a field called Freeman’s Farm. General Arnold had been in charge of directing the American’s defense, but was angry when he kept calling to Major General Horatio Gates for reinforcements.

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Arnold and Gates did not get along very well because they ad different opinions and different leadership styles.

Arnold was very daring and believed in taking risks while Gates on the other hand, believed the opposite. Gates did not believe that the Americans could defeat the British in a battle on the open field. Gates was very cautious and would rather see his army fght from behind fortifications. Arnold finally decided to mount a horse and lead the troops himself. This scared Gates who immediately ordered Arnold back, much to his dismay. Burgoyne’s army was left in command of the field and could therefore claim ictory in the first battle, but the British suffered tremendous losses.

Tensions between Gates and Arnold got heated and Gates removed Arnold from field command. Gates, with knowledge of the incoming threat of the British did not want to listen to the ideas placed forth by Arnold so he basically dismissed him. As the battle raged, Arnold couldn’t take not being involved so he decided to get on his horse and ride to the battlefront. He rounded up General Learned’s infantry and led them right into the newly built British redoubts on Freeman’s Farm. As Arnold and his men raced through the Breymann Redoubt, a German soldier shot Arnold in the leg.

Another shooter killed Arnold’s horse, which then fell and crushed the same leg. He would not allow for his leg to be amputated and eventually, after a long recovery, his left leg was left 2 inches shorter than the right. Burgoyne eventually pulled his troops out and surrendered three days later, having suffered tremendous losses. I believe that Benedict Arnold’s actions during the Battle of Saratoga definitely show his heroism. Although Arnold was later a traitor, during the Battle of Saratoga, e showed true bravery and perseverance.

Arnold’s actions show that he was a great war leader. Arnold was told not to fight in the second battle, but he knew that he had to because he couldn’t sit back and let the Americans be defeated. He had the courage to lead a group of infantry straight into the redoubts built by the British. After Arnold’s heroic actions at Saratoga, Congress restored his commanding position. To this day, Arnold is remembered for being one of the great war heroes of the Battle ot Saratoga and ot the American Revolutionary War.

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