Benefit of International Tourism

10 October 2016

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? International tourism is an important industry for many countries. In order to develop one country’s economy, we inevitably need three main sectors, namely agricultural sector, industrial sector and tourism sector (usually known as service sector). From this aspect, we can evidently see that tourism particularly international tourism is truly playing a vital role in developing the country’s economy because of its vastly positive impacts. The first and most important impact is generating the national income.

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Benefit of International Tourism
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Before foreign tourists come to visit a country, they always have to pay for administrative application fees, namely visa, airport tax and the like before arriving at their destined country. This money usually goes to the government of the country at the end of its cycle. Also, after they arrive into a country’s territory, they usually spend their brought money on food, accommodation, entertainment, sightseeing and shopping, which enable all businesses involving in such activities gain more profit.

Consequently, the national revenue of the country will be increased through taxes paid by these businesses. Therefore, the more foreign tourists come to visit a country, the more revenue the government of that country receives. Job opportunity, secondly, is another optimistic impact we should recommend international tourism. As we all know that tourism is a labor intensive industry which needs hundreds of people to work in providing all types of services for the visiting tourists.

For instance, tourism companies and hotels will employ more workers ranged from the high skilled to low skilled labor ,such as general managers, personnel managers, book keepers, receptionists, tour guides, bus drivers, janitors and the like, to work for them in case the number of tourists keeps increasing more and more. As a positive result, the employment rate in that country will be growing depending on the number of the foreign visitors, which means all people are bound to have their ways to earn for a living.

Additionally, international tourism can also create jobs in other industries, particularly the primary and secondary industries. For instance, hotels are more likely to purchase necessary furniture like beds, sofas, armchairs, air conditioners to comfort the visiting tourists, which may accelerate the demand for local products in other manufactures. Last but not least, international tourism can also attract foreign investment.

International investors who are enthusiastically interested in tourism industry may start up their businesses by building new hotels, which indeed absorb more labor forces, building new recreational sites, which attracts more foreign investors coming to invest in the host country. More importantly, some investors may bring about the new development and new ideas which are not available in the host country. Snake Island located in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia, for instance, is invested by international investor to build naturally surrounded recreation site.

This can not be denied that it will attract other investors to invest more in such that great framework. In conclusion, international tourism without any doubts actually plays a very important role in pushing the economy of the host country toward real development since it has priceless benefits for not only the government but also the whole residents in country. Without any hesitation, I, one of the country’s pillars, would wholeheartedly recommend international tourism as one of the key strategies in developing the nation.

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