Benefits of Reading

8 August 2016

Can you imagine a world without books and other kinds of reading material? Today, we enjoy such a wide array of reading materials – books, magazines, newspapers, comics and others. Yet we do not seem to make an attempt to read. In a recent survey to find out about the reading habits of our students we discovered that a majority of students hardly read. What a shame! Obviously, students do not realize the pleasures and benefits of reading and that is why I am standing here in front of you all – to tell you about the benefits of reading.

It has been said that reading is exercise for the mind. This is because reading provides more input and stimulates the mind. Today, there are millions of books and other reading material dealing with different subjects on the market, which are read for information, knowledge and recreation. Perhaps the cheapest source of information is the newspaper, which is read by almost everyone to keep up with the latest developments in the world.

Benefits of Reading Essay Example

Aside from this, there are various magazines and books on such topics as healthcare, economics, politics and hobbies, which are not only informative and useful if a person wants to broaden his mind, but may provide entertainment as well. One can read just to keep up with the news, for self-improvement or just for relaxation. Reading is good for one’s creativity. This is because the reader has to imagine the scenes that are described in a story, unlike a person watching a film, where there is little left to the imagination.

Studies have suggested that people who read a lot are more creative than those who often watch movies or television. As such, one of the benefits of reading is that it encourages a person to use his imagination. Moreover, reading also helps to enrich and improve a person’s language. There are certain words which are seldom used in spoken language but which occur more often in writing. A person who reads comes across many such words and thus increases his vocabulary. When speaking, we often do not use complete or properly constructed sentences.

In writing, only grammatical, well-constructed sentences should be used. Reading, therefore, introduces a person to a wider vocabulary and correct grammar. Reading is the best way to acquire knowledge and information, besides being a form of entertainment. Reading also helps unleash our creative powers. Last but not least, there is no better way of gaining a better command of a language than through reading. So, boys and girls, now that you know the benefits of reading, I’m sure you will make an attempt to read. Thank you.

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